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Woman wants her heroin back, goes for state trooper’s sidearm / Homeowner shoots possible invader

A Waterbury woman was cited Sunday for possession of heroin and attempting to disarm a police officer.

At 10:48 pm on March 13, State Police responded to a home on North Main Street in Waterbury for a report of a verbal argument.  Upon arrival, Angella Ly, 28, was having an argument with her mother. Suspected heroin was located in plain view and when the drugs were seized, Ly went after the trooper in an attempt to get the drugs back.  

During the struggle, Ly grabbed the Trooper’s gun, which was still holstered. Ly was taken into custody and later released with a citation. She is scheduled to appear in Washington County Superior Court – Criminal Division on May 12.

Shooting during possible home invasion

The Vermont State Police investigation into the Monday morning shooting in Westminster has determined that the man who was shot is Daniel J. King, 40, of Westminster. His condition is reported to be stable at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

The other parties involved are Nathaniel Keefe, 37, of Westminster, the owner of the home where the incident occurred; and Jacquelyn Fougere, 29, of Springfield. No other injuries were reported. No one is in custody, and no charges have been filed.

Police received a report just before 11 a.m. that a man had been shot inside a mobile home at Shady Pines Park, off of Back Westminster Road. Initial reports from the scene indicate the owner of the home encountered two intruders, a man and a woman, and shot at them, striking the man. The man was driven to the urgent care center in Bellows Falls and subsequently was transferred by helicopter to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire. 

No more info on Athen drug, gun seizure

Vermont state game wardens say there have been no arrests yet following the March 3 police raid in Athens, VT. 

On March 3, game wardens and collaborating state and federal agencies seized seven firearms and approximately 3,000 rounds of ammunition alleged to have been illegally possessed, as well as approximately 880 bags of suspected heroin and fentanyl and a large amount of U.S. currency.

The seizures took place during execution of a search warrant for evidence of deer taken illegally and for the illegal possession of firearms in Athens, Vermont.

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  1. I cannot believe that VT is this irresponsible as to release dangerous, violent, addicted felons onto the street again as though she was caught jaywalking or something. Where have you gone Vermont?

  2. Woman, busted LAST month for unlawful trespass THEN , busted for heroin possession and tries to seize an officers firearm during the event . Courts let her OUT on her own??? Does that seem right to you?

  3. See? If there was an “interventionist” & a social worker summoned for a “low priority” incident then there would be NO TROOPER involved AND she could have KEPT her heroin! Simple! These poor junkies are the VICTIMS! Do you know how much CO2 is expelled driving around looking for your dealer? And w/the price of gas these days the drive might have cost MORE than the heroin too! These folks are ALL “UVM’s”, Underprivileged, Vulnerable, & Marginalized don’t you know! They need HELP not arrest & mandatory treatment! Jeezum Crow!

    • How are “poor junkies” victims? And why is an “interventionist” an automatic ‘Savior’? These kinds of statements are reflective of the psychobabble that is leading modern society off a cliff. Remember, Freud purported that boys/men lusted after their mothers, and how this contributed to their maladies…like it’s always someone else’s fault. GROW THE H*LL UP!

  4. So what says bj donavan and exactly where is OUR state’s attorney general’s office on this?? Can we get a comment from bj donavan??? This is exactly why we are paying nearly $5 a gallon for gas…progressive socialists under Our golden dome and representing Vermont in DC.

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