Within hours, Vermonters claim 350,000 at home Covid tests

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Vermonters snapped up the free antigen tests offered in a federal pilot program.

As of 2:45 p.m yesterday, all 350,000 tests available through the first phase of the “Say Yes” rapid test pilot program had been ordered. The partnership with National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Amazon allowed Vermonters to order 350,000 free rapid tests, which will be delivered to homes over the next one to two weeks.

“As expected, demand was very high and shows how much Vermonters understand the importance of testing as a way to protect their health and the people around them,” said Governor Phil Scott.

Governor Scott said today’s effort will provide important insights that will aid development of similar efforts at the state and federal level in the future. “I want to thank our public and private partners for their work on this initiative,” said Governor Scott. “While we knew the limited supply would go quickly, this effort will help inform future decisions, as we continue to work to make testing as accessible as possible for all Vermonters.” 

Since late December, Vermont has delivered or begun distribution of several hundred thousand rapid tests through this program, community pick-up locations, K-12 schools, child care programs, long term care facilities and other community partners.

The Scott Administration will continue its work to acquire more tests for Vermonters and make them available as supply allows.

PCR testing can be accessed through the Department of Health’s testing website:

As of Tuesday, thousands of appointments were still available for this week.

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  1. Just imagine if they distributed 350,000 home treatment kits. But treatment has never been in their vocabulary since the beginning, and they cannot conceive how someone could lower their risk by attacking their infection early. This, despite the considerable resources put together by independent doctors:

  2. So let’s see here:

    1 Didn’t Fauci say just a few days ago they everyone will get Omicron at some point? So what is the point of even testing anymore?

    2 I thought Vt was all about being green and global warming. What an enormous amount of garbage all these tests will create.

    3 How many of these test kits will even be good/accurate coming through the mail in Vt right now with very cold temps?

    4 What is the point of requesting a test for 2 weeks from now? This surge may be over by then. If you are sick now it does nothing for you. Sounds more like people just stock piling them.

    5 Why not subsidize the tests instead of making them free so they wont be so wasted. I bought a test a few weeks ago and it was $25 bucks. So say make them $10, which is still very affordable, but would cut down on the waste and fraud if people at least had to have some “skin in the game”.

    6 If vaccines and masks work so well why do we need all the testing?

    7 How many of the people requesting theses tests are already triple vaxxed and wearing masks or double masking for that matter?

    8 And I would love replies on this…how many of these tests get wasted? People never taking them, left in the cold, sold online, ect ect. I’m going with at least 25%. Free stuff always gets wasted!!

  3. That 350,000 tests were ordered in hours, tells me we have too many people sitting home on the internet all day.

  4. I just ask that you watch this part of history. Uncut . I will again say. I have NO trust in our govenrment for guidance or help in any way for this issue or any other. WE THE PEOPLE are not the experiment subjects to big pharma. Remember that the US government set up the payout system for vax injured becauase of this in 76. Watch this video from 1976.

  5. Who is paying for these tests? Nothing is free. Taxpayers are footing a gigantic bill and big pharma is going to report a tremendous windfall of profit upon the backs of the working class. The test is going to show a person at one time in 15 months had a cold or bug of some sort – it positively shows how mass formation works and what Germany circa 1930’s was all about. God help us!

  6. Government wants you to be fearful of SARS-CoV-2. This virus has been manipulated to enact an agenda for 24 months. Statements from fauci, wallensky, scott and levine add to the fear. Tests and the perceived need for tests add to the panic and fear. If as fauci said- everyone will get Covid- then let it be omicron.
    A bit of speculation: The majority of tests will be shipped to zip-codes in Chittenden, Washington and Windham counties.

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