Winooski teen arrested as accessory in Mubarak murder

Deon Mitchell (left) was an accessory in the July 7 murder in Burlington of Hussein Mubarak (right) by Abdiaziz Abdhikadir (center), police say.

By Guy Page

Deon Mitchell, 19, of Winooski was arrested by Burlington Police Dept. detectives on November 21 as an accessory to the July 7 murder of Hussein Mubarak, 21, on Luck Street in Burlington.

Burlington police say Mitchell’s home was the starting and ending point for accused murderer Abdiaziz “Drill” Abdhikadir, 19, and that evidence of the homicide was found in Mitchell’s home. He was charged with being an accessory after the fact of a first-degree murder, and released on a citation to appear in court. 

Mubarak was shot at about 8:30 pm near the corner of Luck St. and Intervale Avenue in the Old North End of Burlington, Burlington police say. Charges against Abdhikadir were filed October 26. He is being held in Northwest state prison. Police say he had previously fired into the Mubarak home when several family members were present. No-one was injured at the time.

In the aftermath of this shooting and others allegedly committed by, and victimizing, New American young men, the City of Burlington has pledged to create an outreach program to at-risk New Americans. 

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  1. So, the City of Burlington will have another “outreach program”…this one for “at-risk New Americans”. Will it be tailored for those “at-risk” of being victims or perpetrators? The perpetrators of Burlington’s relatively new violence problem certainly wont be “at-risk” of being treated seriously by the Chittenden County State’s Attorney in her progressive worldview of criminal justice reform, although very surprisingly, the one who allegedly pulled the trigger several times is being held in custody pretrial…a one-man crime wave.

  2. Where’s Phil Scott’s comments on “the countless contributions of the New Americans”? Well Phil, here’s another one! But I’m SURE yet another “outreach program”, or gun law, or any excuse to throw away Burlington’s taxpayers funds will help these “troubled youths” immensely! BPD may have arrested this kid but the question is, will Sarah George PROSECUTE him? Maybe a bit of “restorative justice” will straighten him out! It’s ONLY murder after all!

  3. So equity really isn’t working in Vermont but phil scott will still try along with his token equity director.