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Winooski set for all-LGBTQ+ City Council

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VT DiggerWinooski poised to elect Vermont’s 1st slate of all-LGBTQ+ city councilors
VT DiggerConflict over replacing women’s prison continues as lawmakers consider millions in new funding
VT DiggerFinal Reading: ‘Fusion’ candidates are in, ‘sore losers’ are out in bill advanced by House
WCAXA look inside Vermont’s unprecedented school PCB testing program
NBC 5Self-defense classes for women back at the Essex Police Department
VT DiggerIn Burlington’s ballot questions, loudest debate centers on police control board
NBC 5Rutland’s mayoral candidates begin final campaign stretch for Town Meeting Day
WCAXGov. Scott celebrates maple season with tree tapping
WCAXPatrick Leahy to become distinguished fellow at UVM

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  1. This is what I’ve warning about. Bring in people from out of state. Have them register to vote. Maybe, maybe not, some are registered elsewhere as well.
    Control local elections.

    • Yep. The people who moved here from Mass, NY, NJ and the rest of the liberal Northeast should GO BACK where they CAME FROM !

      We don’t want them here.

  2. Why do we even know these peoples sexual orientation? What does that have to do with their job as public servants to make decisions on behalf of the electorate?

    • In the victimhood oriented, progressive-intersectionality-historically marginalized community, these attributes mean EVERYTHING. “Checking the box” is a rite of passage, a milestone…like a baptism, a Bar Mitzvah, getting a drivers license…
      For most of us traditional, hetero-normative folks however, our sexuality is not something we fly on a flag or proclaim on a tee shirt or march in a parade to promote.
      Some of us prefer to be boring and ordinary.

      • Exactly! In fact, to be “boring and ordinary” is to be privileged. You must have struggled (with your sanity, apparently), and if you haven’t then you will be scheduled for a taxpayer-funded struggle-session.

        One of the council-members describes itself (I say “itself” out of affirmation for its gender identity, not as a slur) as “bisexual, nonbinary *and* transgender.” The epitome of the woke hero. Full government protection engaged. Pass up this person for a date, a housing rental or a job and you are playing with fire.

      • But even a Feb 2023 Gallup poll found “7.2% of U.S. adults identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or something other than straight or heterosexual.” In my opinion, they are vastly over-represented on television and especially in politics. But checking that box gets you a paycheck without having to have a resume with any relevant education of experience. My oh my how times have changed. Remember the old days when someone unqualified was hired and you would hear, “it’s all in who you know …or who you ****”? Guess that wasn’t a quip after all.

    • One must never infer racial identity by skin tone alone. Yes, they might all look like privileged, white, psychiatric patients with nothing better to spend their time on, but inside they could totally have it all together.

    • 94% of Vermonters are white. If we are to be “fair”, then 94% of every government agency should be occupied by whites. Right? Fair is fair.

  3. So where are the conservatives of Winooski who think that their sexual orientation is their own business and not part of a campaign platform to promote? Aren’t there any to run for office or do you just turn over Winooski to the alphabet people who clearly are well organized and have an agenda to promote? It’s not a coincidence that the whole proposed slate is like this; definitely organised action. If you sit back and do nothing you are seriously not going to be happy when the schools teach your children from pre-K on that they are non binary and can be any sex they choose to be or even a cat or dog. When your toddlers have nothing but drag queen story hour at the library. When new hires all have to be of a certain colour and sexual identity. I don’t live in Winooski but seriously, aren’t there any sane people left there willing to run for city council?

  4. Doesn’t seem very inclusive.

    You notice they don’t even have a white stripe on their flag for straight people?

    The Jesus Revolution is a great movie. One thing for sure, the generation z, millennials and gen x are the most lied to generation since time began. I’m not sure they were taught one bit of truth, nor about love. And now they are miserable living a lie…..and they’ll chastise you and hate you for not being them, can’t be ourselves.

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