Windsor County senator defends tournament ban of Christian school over transgender forfeit

by Harold Hutchinson, reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation

A Vermont state senator defended the ban of a Christian school that forfeited a state tournament game rather than play against a team with a transgender player during a CNN interview that aired Monday.

Sen. Becca White

“I don’t think it’s a bridge too far,” Democratic State Senator Rebecca White of Windsor County told CNN reporter Brynn Gingras. “The athletes that we’re talking about are unlikely to go on to elite professional athletics, but that concept of discriminating against another person, it causes long-term outcomes for trans youth because they’re hearing rhetoric that tells them they are not valuable, that they’re dangerous.” (RELATED: ‘Responsibility And Some Integrity’: Caitlyn Jenner Says NCAA Needs To ‘Stop’ Allowing Trans Athletes To Compete Against Women)

Mid Vermont Christian School (MVCS) announced that they would forfeit their Feb. 21 basketball game against Long Trail School (LTS), due to the presence of a transgender girl on the LTS team. The Vermont Principals Association voted unanimously to ban MVCS from all state competitions, claiming they violated anti-discrimination policies, the New York Post reported.

“We’re an inclusive state, a welcoming state,” White, who represents the district the school is in, added. “It doesn’t surprise me that we’ve had a situation where folks are pushing back against some of that inclusive work we’ve done because it is innovative, it is bold and it’s important.”

“We withdrew from the tournament because we believe playing against an opponent with a biological male jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players,” Vicky Fogg, the head of school for MVCS, told The National Desk in February.

MVCS said it would appeal the ban, Fox News reported, noting that Caitlin Jenner, an Olympic gold medalist, had backed the Christian school.

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  1. Apparently Ms. White cares not for the fact that males playing in a female league harm the self esteem and perhaps physical harm that is very likely in this type of matchup.
    Perhaps the reason some 16 States now forbid males from playing in women’s leagues.

  2. ms.senator white apparently is no more than a liberal socialist parrot. Regurgitating whatever the current leadership issues as “woke” talking points, she now exhibits misogynistic behavior toward her constituents and their children, without regard to facts.
    Per the DSM-5, the diagnostic manual of the American Psychiatric Assn., Gender Dysphoria, the root of transgender or transsexual issues is a psychiatric disease.
    It is a condition that can be treated by psychotherapy, or as is now the “in” thing, “gender affirming surgery”. Surgery and hormone therapy is not the only treatment.
    But sen. ms. white would like you to believe that treatment for this mental illness can only include “inclusive and welcoming” actions by others, free hormone and surgical treatments- including allowing some suffering from gender dysphoria to play sports at the High School level on teams made up with members of an opposite gender.
    Confusing? You bet it is. What sen. ms. white is supporting- is misogynistic actions to the non- afflicted players of these sports. In essence, in order to achieve equity, Vermont must allow discrimination of any class or group of minorities or majority to
    achieve an unclear goal of equitable treatment. I suspect it must be quite a conundrum for the legislative leadership to discuss publicly- that Vermont must accept discrimination and misogyny to achieve equity.
    Which may be why sen. ms. white has been used as a spokesperson for several hot-button topics this session.

    The real agenda here is societal dismantling.

  4. VT Legislature: Out-of-State, Soros-funded, extremist sociopaths who deny science, pollute children’s minds, and acclaim themselves as “righteous” and superior.

    These people expressly came to Vermont to change the culture & alter the lifestyle. And they have been using college students, the “disadvantaged” and more & more of their own kind to fulfill their hypocritical goals.

    And hypocritical? Thy name is: DORSET. The school where the Christian girl’s basketball team walked away & kept their dignity and their intellect intact. DORSET: Another lily-white, wealthy, private road-filled, members-only country club enclave filled with gated private driveways wherein the rich & famous & carefree push all this garbage upon others in order to make themselves feel special and virtuous.

    Males CANNOT be females. Science. Fact. Reality. DNA.

    This state is FAR from inclusive. It’s about as exclusive and polarizing as a State can get – thanks to the radicals who now inhabit these hills & this loony legislature.

    • This is news, because it is a perfect illustration of the current change of our governments from a Constitutional Republic to a totalitarian regime, complete with a politbureau. All this stems from an Executive order, No. 14021 signed by joe biden in March of 2021- Changing Title IX-The rights assured girls and women under Title IX, mainly prohibiting discrimination by gender, by adding: ” Including Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity,” reversing changes made by the Trump administration to limit the scope of Title IX to biological sex only, excluding gender identity and sexual orientation.
      Currently, you may not dispute the “woke” interpretation of gender, but you must participate in providing medical treatment for those with “gender dysphoria”, and provide tax dollars to pay for whatever “treatment” these people desire. You must accept the “right” of those that wish to compete in school sports, however they wish to. You must accommodate their needs, as unclear as they may be, address them as they desire. Remember please, that “gender dysphoria” is a diagnosed mental condition/ disease, listed in APA’s diagnostic manual, DSM-5.
      Should you choose not to participate in the gaslighting- social ostracization is likely.
      Protest by withholding tax dollars? Financial penalties and incarceration. In short, failure to comply with the left’s agenda will result in totalitarian punishment.
      The news is, we have allowed leftist/elitists and socialists to assume power here in Vermont and nationally and reshape the USA into their dystopian fantasy.

  5. Another Lunatic changing people’s lives for thee worse. I wonder does she have kids in school? If so be interesting to see if a team playing her team could get a trans athlete to play against her child and see how she thinks that will work.
    Wait till we get a MALE in women’s hockey. I mean it’s a no contact sport and all.
    Her address needs to be put out so people can protest on her doorstep. Democrats say that’s okay to do …

  6. If we also think of it in terms of abuse. Why are abused women extremely protected and you don’t hear of shelters for abused men? There is still physical abuse that goes both ways…but, it’s because men are capable of inflicting much more physical damage to a woman than vice versa.

  7. Well Mrs white is a moron, no one should have to support something that goes against their beliefs.

    • Todd, hate to disagree but perhaps the real morons are those who voted her into office……….

  8. Hey Rebecca, do you think punishing all current and future students because one team decided the safety of its girls was more important than your twisted notion of discrimination will have long-term effects on those other students? Good to know that for the feelings of one, you’ll harm the future of hundreds.

  9. “The athletes that we’re talking about are unlikely to go on to elite professional athletics, but that concept of discriminating against another person, it causes long-term outcomes for trans youth because they’re hearing rhetoric that tells them they are not valuable, that they’re dangerous.”

    What about the long-term damage caused by the, so-called, “gender-affirming” treatment to begin with?

  10. Sounds as if the shoe is on the other foot for Sen. Becca White. Is MVCS hearing rhetoric that they are not good enough to play at “elite professional athletics level”? What about that? Mmmm…maybe what should be innovative in this state is having three layers of teams: boys/young men, girls/young women, and trans. And nay the twain should meet.

  11. While I respect Senator Becca White’s concern for transgender youth and the importance of inclusivity in sports, I believe that the decision to ban the Christian school from the state tournament may not have been the most effective way to address the issue at hand. In this rebuttal, I would like to offer alternative perspectives that could contribute to a more nuanced understanding of the situation.

    Firstly, it is essential to recognize that religious institutions, including Christian schools, often have distinct beliefs and values that guide their actions. While these beliefs may not align with those of broader society or even with the Vermont state legislature, it is crucial to respect and acknowledge the right to hold differing opinions. Banning the school from the tournament may infringe on their religious freedom and could be perceived as a form of discrimination against the school’s religious beliefs.

    Secondly, it is essential to consider the potential unintended consequences of such a ban. This decision may lead to increased polarization and tension between different groups within the community, rather than fostering understanding and dialogue. Encouraging open conversation and education about transgender issues, as well as religious beliefs, could be a more productive approach to fostering inclusivity and respect.

    Moreover, by focusing solely on the school’s decision to forfeit the game, we may be overlooking a more significant issue: the lack of clear policies and guidelines governing transgender participation in sports. Establishing standardized rules and procedures that accommodate the needs of transgender athletes while ensuring a level playing field for all participants could help prevent similar conflicts in the future.

    In conclusion, while the concerns raised by Senator White regarding discrimination against transgender youth are valid, the approach of banning the Christian school from the state tournament may not be the most effective solution. Promoting dialogue, understanding, and the development of comprehensive policies to address transgender participation in sports could potentially lead to more positive long-term outcomes for all parties involved.

  12. I disagree. The intent is ENTIRELY to increase polarization and tension between different groups. Keeping us divided is how they keep us blind and enslaved to their global designs.

    Our state has been taken over by arrogant millennials like her whose university indoctrination propel them into every aspect of our lives with their radical marching orders, while virtue signaling all the way to the bank. Whether tyrants or their brainwashed tools, their insatiable greed for easy money and lawmaking power that gives them the means to incrementally steal property and wealth.

    She can spout equity and inclusion all day long but sexualizing children and removing parental authority is evil. Gender disphoria is still a mental illness, and the whole trans movement is right out of the pages of the covert MK Ultra programming, which our clandestine intelligence agencies have been conducting for decades. They start the grooming as young as they can get them. The difference now is that they are overt and making it mainstream.

    It would seem that people would have recognized the law of unintended consequences by now after 100 years of social welfare programming, yet we have more poverty, crime and disfunction than ever. Something like the definition of insanity applies here. But, hey, people voted for this…assuming we can trust the ballot counting.

  13. It is most saddening to hear a woman not protecting teen girls against men who might harm them in some way. For Ms. White to state that none of the girls would go on to higher sports is degrading and insulting to all the efforts these young women put into their chosen sport. The school was right to protect the female students from physical harm that could come from playing against men in the same sport. Ms. White should stop-sit down-think and reevaluate her political priorities and safeguard all people as they should be. What is politically correct and convenient may not always be what is morally and ethically the right thing to do.

    • Senator White does not have the capacity to think, she is programed.
      She doesn’t think that eliminating the school from playing is a bridge to far. Who to hell does this woman think she is? This is what people voted for in beautiful Vermont. A group of nasty know it alls here to save us poor rubes. Windsor county is the Vermont Massachusetts and this senator is a prime example of the left’s agenda to control us all. Need I say it again, there are two genders and no one can switch what they were born as. Cutting off the breast of a young female or chemically castrating a young male and using his part to form a female genital does not make him a she or her a he. Gender mutilation is what it’s called. This woman should not be allowed to be a senator in Vermont or anywhere else. Children need guidance and security from these feel good overlords so they think they can change nature and science. I watched the video and was disgusted and anyone with a functioning brain should be too. We made the national news again to show the nation how a state can be invaded by people with an agenda to destroy what we all know. Men can’t be changed into woman and vice versa. Gender dysphoria is a mental condition that can’t be corrected with hormones, surgery and groomers.

  14. Absolutely disgusting that Sen. White regards this scenario as meritorious because it promotes “inclusiveness”, and that she apparently feels that is paramount over the comfort and safety of young female athletes. There are sound reasons that our society has rough/contact sports segregated by gender/sex, and that the criteria has ALWAYS been based on anatomy, NOT on how the participant “identifies”. This is done for competitive fairness as well as for the safety of the girls. Long before this “gender enlightenment”, we did not insist that gay men used the womens’ restroom and vice versa in order to not mix up those who are attracted to each other. It was ANATOMY not PSYCHOLOGY that was the segregation criterion then. Athletics involving contact should be no different. The easy way to deal with this is by renaming criteria for participation “XY” and “XX”. You can’t cherry pick when you want to involve scientific fact and when feewings should be the deciding factor. It’s either that or we no longer have sex-segregated sports, and have only the “hockey team” and it will be made up of the best players which will be overwhelmingly male. The Federal Civil Rights Code known as Title IX has been hijacked by a contingent of mentally disordered and sexually confused people and society is being dragged along for the ride by the long, bony finger of progressive indignation. Sen. White should be ashamed of her statement, and those who voted for her should really hang their heads low, especially if they have young daughters in school athletics whom they care about.

  15. There’s an error in this article. Mid Vermont Christian did not refuse to play a transgendered girl. There was a man on the girl’s team.

  16. what would they say if 2 trans played or 3 or 4 on the other team.

  17. Question, I just want to know how many female athletes that have transitioned to male and are competing with males are breaking the records in swimming, track, weightlifting, etc.
    Answer, None.
    Every woman’s team that has to play against another that has a trans male on it should forfeit their game in protest and make that teams win meaningless.

  18. Media influencer, Charlamagne “tha god” featured this story – lo and behold, he, and his panel, opined biological males should not compete in womens sports. When Jill Biden hands “woman of the year” award to a transgender, the war on women is real and the “girl power” feminists are all for it. Go figure! They not only decry “toxic masculinity,” they backward slap women by denying females any equality that they fought over for decades.

  19. Rebecca White is, hands down, the DUMBEST person in the legislature. Every single decision she makes is the wrong decision. Who votes for these morons?