Wilson: Organic farms want $$, have no plan to fix problems

by Rep. Charles Wilson

Some regulation is needed to protect citizens, plants, food, animals etc. from disease, invasive species, insects, pollution, and water. Act 250, however, is a hinderance to farm and forest operations. The permitting process, inflation, climate change or Global Warming claims, all lead to hurried fixes.

There is also now a push to help failing organic farms – with no plan as to correcting what is wrong. Our state wants tourists who use vehicles to come here for tourism, and then tax the residents for climate warming initiatives.

Rep. Charles Wilson

 I am aware that now many of my constituents are upset that the State wants to change the retirement health care contract to a lesser Medicare Advantage Plan. 

Also the legislative majority in power wants non-citizen voting that is clearly unconstitutional.

The “Universal School Meals” program, now may become permanent which will put more burden on taxpayers. Those that can work should do so, instead of sitting at home collecting. Everyone wants to help children and that is good, but parents are responsible for their children. Also, there is no such thing as “free lunch”. There is a clear attack on parent’s rights to take away the care, protection, love and guidance of parents towards their children. If parents fail to do so, the state is then forced to intervene. 

I would like to thank Bill Coleman of Newark in helping to raise attention to slave labor in the world today. It is a great moral contradiction to import slave labor products of all kinds, when the United States and Vermont have outlawed slavery.

We have an 8.4 billion dollar budget with now an additional 9.2-million-dollar add-on adjustment. We heard testimony from those representing Senator Sanders, Senator Welch and Representative Balint. The focus was on health care, the Omnibus (“look out” …) farm bill, nutrition, rural development, Smart Growth, and food supply.

They also spoke of climate change and global warming. After much research, I found scientists agree and disagree on this but do agree there is no clear prediction possible or a cure. However, politicians and the media know that doomsday theories sell, and give money and power. This will lead to further Federal Democrat /Progressive and State of Vermont running and taxing everything. Whatever happened to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” from hard work?

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  1. Sure, go ahead and add them to the public dole. Just another in a long line of slackers in what has become a slacker state.

    What is unique about the Vermont brand ?…….nothing.

    Sad to see what has transpired in such a short time.

  2. Perhaps it’s just me, but does this sounds like an exercise in the management of an unenlightened citizenry? Is this what we had in mind when we elected these people? Are Vermont citizens likely to submit to such presumptive intrusions?

  3. Also I am very glad mr. Wilson does not represent me. I don’t like politicians that speak in catch-phrases, or just recite party talking points. Anyone can complain about stuff, you were elected to give solutions!

  4. I am thankful for Representative Wilson’s article explaining what he ( and working Vermonters ) are facing from the majority in the House.
    Representative Wilson isn’t using catchphrases or talking points, despite the comment from FreedomFounders1776.
    Representative Wilson has sacrificed months of his personal life to offer a reasonable option to the people in the Legislature that want to circumvent the Constitutions of Vermont and The United States.
    Maybe FreedomFounders1776 is happy being represented by the marxists in the House who are proactively, ( and unconstitutionally ) creating solutions for problems that don’t exist. Who are bent on pushing the divisive equity, climate change and sexually molesting children agendas.
    As for me, and I suspect many thousands of Vermonters, I am thankful for Representative Wilson and his periodic reports. Without them many Vermonters will remain unaware of the true threat to Vermonters and their families.
    The mentality of constantly taxing, restricting and punishing Law Abiding Vermonters while enabling criminals to run free and writing redundant or unnecessary laws is only to create a socialist system where society is dependent on the Government.
    The real threat to Vermonters is apathy by continuing to allow those in the Statehouse bent on taking every Civil and Constitutional Right away.

    Thank you Representative Wilson for sharing the truth. Many thousands of Vermonters are being represented by you.

  5. I’m pleased to learn that Rep. Wilson’s constituent Bill Coleman of Newark, a passionate devotee of anything Left, has discovered the conditions of child workers in the Congo’s cobalt industry. As I wrote last March “Two thirds of the world’s supply [of cobalt] comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Congo has at least 40,000 children – some as young as four years old – working with their parents for less than $2 a day”, beset with cave-ins, toxic, radioactive water, dust, and dangerous air loaded with cobalt, lead and uranium. Much of the ore is sent to China for refining by the Chinese-owned Dongfang International Mining Company..”

  6. but where are the solutions Jim?? All i see is someone complaining about how things are going, without offering any other solutions. What are his plans to fight against these issues? THAT is what I take issue with.

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