Wilson: Bills give unions more control over state employees

by Rep. Charles Wilson (R-Lyndon)

Apparently, some are putting up red flags because of my missing some floor votes with no knowledge of why this has happened. Some may even wonder why I have chosen not to attend some public appearances. My email and cell number are no secret. Please ask me if you wish.

From my actual time spent in my House Committee and Floor sessions, I make this report.

H.-74. – Representative Mark Higley and others including myself, have put forth this bill to repeal the GWSA along with the 23-member appointed Climate Council. The Speaker of the House has yet to put this through to even be considered. Why?

H.287. and S.78. – This bill will turn temporary State Employees over to Union boss control….and H.454. will turn Vermont State College adjunct faculty over to the union bosses as well.

H.138 – This bill would penalize State Grant Recipients and contractors when they try and have honest discussions with their employees and workers about the consequences of union monopoly bargaining.

Also, prostitution, both male and female, is now decriminalized under Burlington ordinances and now is being considered as a State wide privilege along with taxpayer paid health care. The moral and ethical implications for this in our State is deplorable and leads to child abuse, human-trafficking, and crime.

Trapping is also under attack for being cruel and ugly. Well, so is the making of hamburger from a cow. Coyotes, hunting, and gun control continue to be popular topics, but really only will hinder law-abiding citizens from their rights. It will do nothing – absolutely nothing, to stop criminals.

There is in Vermont a mounting frustration and anger of the people over taxes, inflation, cost of schools and education, of law and order in our streets and neighborhoods, rising rents and increased home and land accessibility and cost. The wealthy stand to acquire and possess whatever they want. It is honestly, the real “Selling of Vermont.”

There is one very bright spot. The “Affordable Heat Act” has been halted for a two year study because of a massive outpouring of resistance from citizens and businesses in Vermont. The fuel dealers lined the halls of the State House in solidarity! We desperately need more of this because the Constitution states that the Government works for the people. No Socialism, please.

The author is the State Representative from Lyndon, and an ordained minister. Since 2011, he has owned and operated Cottage Work, a small business. As a volunteer, Charles has done ministry work for the Pennsylvania Prison Society and has volunteered with his wife at the Newport Prison. He has also volunteered for the Northeast Regional Hospital in St. Johnsbury.

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  1. We are witnessing Vermont’s change from a Constitutional Republic to a totalitarian form of socialist government. But- it’s ‘democratic socialism’ so that makes it okay?
    There may perhaps be a slim majority of Vermont voters that agree with what is being legislated today, because these voters have bought into the bombast and BS that have been ingrained into Vermont politics and society. Once codified, such legislation becomes repugnant to the voter and taxpayer- to late to do anything about it. S.125, for example- repealing penalties for prostitution seems for the liberal minded a social victory. However- the true cost to Vermont- society, criminal justice, social services is in the hundreds of millions of dollars and carnage to actual people that are drawn into prostitution- legal or not. There is a reason prostitution is a crime, but logical thinking isn’t in the purview of the liberal mind.
    Vermont’s taxpayers and residents seem to forget the “unintended consequence” written into virtually every ‘progressive’ bill. After passage and enactment, that’s when we all pay the price, in dollars and lives. So too, is 80% of the over 500 bills presented so far this session. These bills seek to enact laws that place a social and economic burden on Vermont that Vermont cannot afford.

    • But- it’s ‘democratic socialism’ so that makes it okay?

      “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism – by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”
      – Ayn Rand

  2. Look to no other than the three banditos – Pat, Bernie and Peter – for the wholesale, fire sale of Vermont for foreign money and influence. They formulated their own “trickle down” economics to the selected representation from Montpelier to the local town and city halls. While Vermonters toil away trying to make a living, the fake authorities were selling us all out to the highest bidder. Those who towed the line from DC to Chittenden County, and to every corner of the State, are well compensated with money and power to control a small, ignorant populace. They even paid selected young Turks to move here, place them in non-profits and NGO’s to ensure the power and control remains intact. Infiltration, not invasion. Until the corruption is addressed and prosecuted, don’t expect anyting to change. In spite of the good intentions of the few “awake” citizens – Vermont is a failed State.

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