Wilson: Independent schools bill could leave NEK students with no high school

By Rep. Charles Wilson

There seems to be a huge push from the State of Vermont that “Universal School Meals” (H.165) be made permanent, and endless schemes to make the program seem feasible. But it will end up as more unwanted taxes on our citizens. 

Added to this is also the battle over school choice and independent schools that could close Lyndon Institute and downgrade St. Johnsbury Academy to Prep School status. The real, awful threat is that our high school students from Lyndon, Sheffield, Wheelock, Sutton, Newark, Burke, and other area schools would have no high school to go to. A tragic loss to them and our entire area. Not only are student populations in public school education at an all-time low, but the teacher’s unions take as much money as they can from taxpayers to feed their agendas and salaries. The bottom line is always money…not quality education. 

Charles Wilson

Make no mistake, illegal aliens are flowing into Vermont through our northern border at an alarming rate. Our State Constitution is also being manipulated to allow municipal voting rights to all non-citizens as well. 

There is much talk of a housing shortage in Vermont but first, where have all our workers gone? Who is buying all the homes and land now? 

Vermont is becoming a divided, illogical welfare state while the rich play. It was said of Liberty and Freedom, that “those who had the most, did the least to perform it.”

H.89, the health care bill for transgender care and surgeries that taxpayers will pay for, was moved along to the Senate on Thursday 2/9/23 in a mighty display of “one Party Rule” politics. Anything is ok now in Vermont.  

The solution to all these things fomented by Democrat/Progressive/Socialists is the old saying….“if a herd of buffalo is heading for a cliff; don’t get in their way but just let them fall.” And hope we can put things into common sense again.

We have a right to disagree and do what we believe within the law, but in the State Legislature, we take an oath to not do anything knowingly to hurt people which includes taxing people to death. Beware. Socialism is the first step to a world-wide transition to state-controlled Communism.

The author is a Lyndon resident, House representative for Caledonia-3, and a Republican. He sits on the Committee on Agriculture, Food Resiliency and Forestry.

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  1. In regards to school choice: It’s all politics! The NEA/teachers’ union are all a part of the Democrat agenda. It’s all about control and indoctrination.

    These people see that independent schools ( for the most part) are more successful and cost the taxpayers less. And they won’t stand for it!

    The only hope for this once-independent state is if conservatives ever re-gain control in Montpelier. Unfortunately, it’s not looking good that that will happen anytime soon.

  2. Thank you Rep. Wilson for having the fortitude to implicate teacher’s unions as being complicit in the present state of schools in Vermont.It’s about time that they are called out for their involvement in the dumbing down,and wokeification (if you will) of public schools.

  3. The system has completely broken down. We can’t even educate our children, yet UVM needs millions upon millions for mindless woke sports fans .
    It’s time to create a 2nd Vermont Republic and take care of ourselves.

  4. There will be a Zoom meeting Sunday, February 19, at 5:30 p.m. to learn about the World Bank, United Nations, UNESCO, and OECD repurposing of Traditional Social Emotional Learning as a tool to phychodata mine students to understand and measure psychological attributes seen as integral to economic foresting and the political management of populations. Discussion will focus on Big Data, advanced analytics and AI’s capacity for psychological, economic and behavioral governance via brain transparency. Christine Stone will lead us through her research and findings on the global organizations driving this agenda.

    Other school topics will include equity, Social Justice, and Environmental, Social, and Governance, as well as Battelle for Kids/Portrait of a Graduate.

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  5. I have watched year after year more of our government become one sided in this state to the point where it appears we are already well in the first steps of turning to socialism. Being born here and living here I hardly even recognize the state I grew up in. It seems all the people who have moved here to get away from the rat race of where they came from to live in our tranquil and peaceful state have now changed it to one of confusion and bickering and I think they just couldn’t believe that we country bumpkins had brains enough to run it right. May God help us all!

  6. The powers-that-be want us off the land; are using any means necessary to return Vermont to a wild state.

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