Wilson: Good intentions, but…..

by Rep. Charles Wilson

This past week, “Ranked Choice Voting” has come up and to my understanding, this would allow more Progressive/Democrats to take office who seem to be taking over in many areas already. The “Affordable Heat Act” S.5 has now passed the Senate with a two-year study attached on the cost of this bill which will lead to greater overall cost and planning at taxpayers’ expense in order to sell this horrendous bill. 

Rep. Charles Wilson

The State’s testimony in committee for minority “Land Access” says $1,200,000 in funding is needed. Conservation Districts need $27,000,000. “Universal School Meals” needs $27,000,000+. “Serve, Learn, Earn,” a workforce development collaboration of non-profits, needs $2,500,000. 

“Working Lands” wants $4 million. There was also State testimony on a plan to conserve 50% of total land by 2050 that seems to present the sprectre of a land grab to regulate and buy land from private owners.

Global Diversity, Climate Change, the U.N, GWSA, and California …are mentioned all too frequently in State of Vermont testimony with very few and questionable details (except to “save the planet”). The goal is to sell these agendas with little attention given to their constitutionality. 

Vermont taxpaying citizens who come and testify before committees are not really listened to nor given any consideration in what they have to say. State of Vermont testimony speaks of a “Vermont Vision” where dollars are also needed for this outreach and support for “Smart Growth Towns,” use of public transportation, walking access to services but never an ear to what vision “We the people” want to speak of and hold onto. 

Vermont has lost so many good and talented workers who have moved away,  because Vermont is not business friendly with the second highest tax rate in the nation, just behind California, with massive regulations and permit requirements.

I have seen from my first two months in office that we really have a one-party system. Many Republican bills are never even put forth for discussion – only Democrat and Progressive bills. The bottom line is the bills that move through the House may have “good intentions” but have socialist narratives. The State will take care and control of everything…but the cost is passed to the local level. Citizens pay. Even then, it is all unsustainable.       

The author is a Lyndon resident, House representative for Caledonia-3, and a Republican. He sits on the Committee on Agriculture, Food Resiliency and Forestry.

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  1. Stop. You may feel obligated to describe this “our way or the highway” uni-party system as well intentioned, but I do NOT.

    These bills do NOT indicate “good intentions”. They are a means to an end — which is the direct social/cultural/religious unraveling, destruction, & desecration of this Constitutional Republic in order to completely dismantle it and create the “progressive” socially “perfect” “utopia” of Communism or Marxism – both forms of government that have YET to EVER succeed within the realms of history but are instead the cause of millions of deaths of innocent citizens. And these rebels posing as “lawmakers” have engineered their plot to destroy and to then dictate (or so they believe) through the guise of possessing an ever so virtuous “social conscience” and proceeding only in order to benefit the underprivileged.

    They are traitors to the US and the VT Constitutions and to their country. They are power mongers on a mission.

    Insurrection? I agree.

    Thy name is the VERMONT LEGISLATURE.

  2. Thank you for watching out for our Constitutional backs and our tax burden. You seem to be one of the few who honor your oath to uphold and defend our Constitutions, state and federal. Keep up the good work!

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