Wilson: Dem./Prog. supermajority has established elitist rule

by Rep. Charles Wilson

Dear Taxpayer,

Your future financial wellbeing may not be as bright as you might have hoped for. Where legislative solutions are sought, many have moved in to take your future stability as that is the way socialism works.

H.-66 – “Paid Family Leave” is an insurance that will be hard to afford. Small businesses especially will have to collect through the payroll tax, money from their employees to guarantee them twelve weeks pay for family leave. How much more can our struggling small businesses pay?

H.-165 – “Universal School Meals” will be added onto already astronomical school budgets and then onto your property tax. Feeding those children who DO need our help is morally right, but to have a huge blanket expenditure for those who DO NOT need this, is just a way to save school administrative paperwork. This bill is a future, permanent, huge tax burden.

H.-230 – Suicide is awful. Our hearts go out to families and friends that suffer this horrible loss and we certainly hope there is recovery and help to fill this void in their lives. Those who suffer call for a “gun bill” that they believe, in their opinion, is constitutional, but according to the Supreme Court, is not. A gun bill will do nothing to reduce suicide and only skirts the real issues. Suicides are never the gun’s fault. The high prevalence of this in our society is caused by hopelessness, loss of self-worth, anger, fear, revenge movies, helplessness, trauma from war, and insecurity. To focus on addressing help for people in these areas would do more to curb suicides. Also, a disturbed society breeds troubled youth who lack vision for their futures.

The super-majority of Democrat/Progressive Socialists currently in the State House has established a one-sided rule of power that is truly impossible to stop. Remember with the Democrats in power, they did nothing to stop BLM violence, reduction in police to “defunding”, raised our national debt, caused inflation, ignored our Constitution which all has changed our national history to justify and establish an elitist rule.

We in the Vermont government took the oath of office “to not knowingly be injurious to the people of Vermont.” The majority in the legislature has produced unequitable, injurious tax burdens on our citizens that will not be sustainable to future costs. Long hours in Committee and on the House floor, with much debate…the ruling parties win long before the vote is taken. The results are always massive tax increases on the low-income, seniors and businesses. The super-majority are again, like a herd of buffalo headed for a cliff and when they fall, we will see their hearts. And when this happens, on whom will they point the blame?

The author is a Lyndon resident, House representative for Caledonia-3, and a Republican. He sits on the Committee on Agriculture, Food Resiliency and Forestry.

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  1. Those in the legislature seek “equity”, socialism, (i.e.: ultimately Communism) and a One World Order, or as Biden has specifically referred to it as – A “Liberal World Order”. They are on a political & social mission and thereby in continuing along on their mission – they justify destroying Vermont and being injurious to the citizens they took an oath to serve in order to implement their personal ideologies toward their twisted concept of a “greater good”.

    You see this clearly in their numerous proposed bills – their attempts to dismantle the Catholic faith & its doctrines, (as if!) or thwart having to expend tuition $ for eligible pupils who elect to attend parochial schools, in order to replace government (public education) as the established “religion”.

    You see it in their push for legalized prostitution and in replacing females with males in athletics – destroying the advances & the strides women have gained in attempting to defy objectification & sexual assault and in ensuring equality in sports on all levels of play.

    You see it in the utter INequity in forcing middle-income Vermonters to pay for the school lunches for multi-millionaire’s children, in hopes of eventually abolishing a “middle class” and leaving only the ruling elite and those forced to rely solely for all their needs upon this system of governance, just as in China.

    They scoff at obeyance to sworn oaths as they swear allegiance to themselves & these radical causes alone; there being no God before them. They don’t comprehend the imperativeness of knowing history or they would see clearly that we are all at the brink of being destined to repeat it. Yet again.

    Renaming atheism, misogyny, segregation and Eugenics can never alter what they represent in actuality nor their dark consequences. NEVER.