Wildfire smoke continues today

Hazy sunset over the Connecticut River in Newbury – JO photo

By Alex Nuti-de Biasi, Journal-Opinion
Canadian wildfire smoke has returned to the region. As a result, poor air quality conditions will continue for most of New England, including all of New Hampshire and Vermont, through at least midnight tonight.

Per the EPA, elevated fine particle air pollution can be unhealthy for people with respiratory disease, the elderly, and others with compromised health. 

“Exposure to elevated fine particle pollution levels can affect both your lungs and heart which may cause breathing problems and aggravate asthma and other pre-existing lung diseases. When particulate matter levels are elevated, people should refrain from strenuous outdoor activity, especially sensitive populations such as children and adults with respiratory problems.”

Officials in New Hampshire and Vermont say this latest round of smoke comes from wildfires in western Canada. Last month, smoke from fires in northern Quebec and Nova Scotia infiltrated the region.

“In addition to the health effects, these smoke plumes also diffract light causing a hazy appearance in the sky and reduced visibility of distant objects,” stated the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services in a news release. 

You can check the local air quality index here. Republished from today’s online newsletter of the Journal-Opinion.

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  1. Weather warfare is in full swing. One of my county reps, Tom Stevens actually advised people to wear masks again. Masks offer no protection from the poisons being sprayed into the air. Couple this with the fact that masks are dangerous to the wearer and we have a ‘let ‘em eat cake’ on rinse and repeat.

  2. The particulates in the air—NOT from wildfires. Can we please use language that is not mimicking the MSM?!

  3. Remember when California and Oregon were on fire? Investigations found arson started a number of those fires. Alberta has arrested a good many of them in the past few months. The climate extremists have moved their operations North. I can’t figure out the Climate Cult agenda. They want 15 minutes cities, yet the floods make that option questionable. They want to protect the environment, but start wild fires, derail trains carrying toxic chemicals, and blow up factories. I think they lost site of their mission statement. Now, they have just lost it completely. Carry on…

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