Wilcox: Article 22 promises freedom, but delivers death

by Reg Wilcox

My ears have heard the sounds (the untrained voice) of a 1 pound 15 ounce Human Infant.

My eyes have seen the form and features of a 1 pound 15 ounce Human Infant.

My hands have held a very tiny Human Infant once the NICU Medical Staff said that this was safe.

The three senses of hearing, seeing and feeling have undeniably and forever convinced me that this Human Infant was a completely Viable Human months before his scheduled arrival among us.

Any individual who can propose a law which specifically denies human viability before the moment of birth may be sincere, but he or she is completely disconnected from reality. That person has to also think, that I am an uneducated individual without knowledge of the medical facts concerning human development, if he or she expects me to support his or her thinking.

Vermonters have a very sad history of accepting extreme laws which do not pass the test of time. Our ancestors worked from 1912 until 1931 to pass a eugenics law in Vermont, the 26th state to do so. Some Vermonters worked for nineteen years just to pass this tragic law!

UVM issued an apology in 2019 for its involvement in the eugenics program. Now, some ninety plus years after the Vermont Eugenics Survey was initiated and the law was enacted, many Vermonters and our legislature have issued an Official State of Vermont Apology to those families harmed by this law.

Let’s return to our marvelous story of a 1 pound 15 ounce infant. The Human Infant that we met a moment ago has now grown up to become a senior at a well known business college in CT. He is a Dean’s List student and has a very bright feature ahead of him. His Mom and his Dad love and cherish him.

One “problem” with the 1931 Eugenics law was that it was reversible, not enshrined in the Vermont Constitution. In response, some “wise” Vermonter’s have now progressed to the belief that extreme laws such as Article 22 must be enacted through Constitutional Amendments.

The authors of the very carefully crafted Article 22 proposal to the Vermont Constitution seek my support to add this into the Constitution so that it is unlikely to ever be reversed.

The Article 22 proposal is written in very appealing and benign language promising Freedom for All, but it excludes all mention of the intended purpose of this Vermont Constitutional Amendment.

Article 22 promises Freedom for All, but in fact it will also deliver death to some very precious viable souls, like the 1 pound 15 ounce Human Infant, now a 21 year old Human Being, we met moments ago.

It is now popular to say, “Oh, it is simply my (or our) choice to destroy another, before you can see him or her.”

A popular text, The Holy Bible, very carefully explores: a brother destroying his brother, a fight which destroys an unborn human being, and a King destroying of his lover’s husband. God’s answer to each is simply: “Thou Shall not Kill.”

This existing proposal needs many very significant updates to protect viable Human Infants from certain destruction in Vermont, a state we all consider the safest for life in the country.

I consider it extremely disrespectful for anyone to present the Article 22 proposal, containing very appealing, but actually half truth language, to me in the form of a Constitutional Amendment and expect me to accept it.

I will not vote in the affirmative for this proposal.

I will also ask our readers here, “PLEASE, THINK for YOURSELF,” as you consider your response to this extreme proposal.

The author is a Cambridge resident and retired engineer and U S. Army officer.

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  1. So many voters in VT simply, like drones or robots, vote for any initiative whatsoever that the democrat party endorses – anything.

    The plethora of signs so heartly supporting this bill dot the wealthy, stately homes along the roads of Dorset – the signs often offset by a tiny toddler’s swing hung from a tree limb swaying in the soft breeze.

    Through my sadness at the sheer absence of conscience, I wonder how these people arrive at the conclusion that somehow THEIR baby was worthy of life but some other couple’s developing baby is not. It is the absolute height of hypocrisy and condescension disguised as virtuosity.

    Indoctrination is treachery – I’ve learned lately that the more preposterous an ideology is – the more likely it is to be bought hook, line, & sinker by the masses when specific governmental forms of indoctrination are undertaken.


    The proposed Article 22 vague language of “personal reproductive autonomy” is an insult to basic intelligence and thinking. One can only imagine the list of perverse behaviors and practices this language will allow.

    Freedom needs Virtue, Conscience and Personal Responsibility for ongoing existence This is what we get when the Fundamental Principles of our Constitution(s) are ignored. Our Vermont Legislators who voted “Yes,” certainly aren’t Upholding their Oaths. (VT Constitution, Chapter II, Section 16.)

    Let’s Seek and Work to VOTE OUT Every Legislator that said “Yes” to Article 22!!

    • Men would certainly be included in the term,”personal reproductive freedom.” Under this term, I would think they could advocate for or against a pregnancy if they are the father.

      • Don’t worry. “The State,” will have a “compelling interest,” in making sure that men, unlike women, will remain fully accountable for their actions, or even, in some cases, the actions of others.

    • Senator Joe Benning is proud of the fact that he voted for PROP 5 TWICE and has publicly stated he will be voting for ARTICLE 22.

      This is the destruction of parental rights in the state of Vermont.

      Joe Benning is running for Lieutenant Governor of Vermont and would replace Gov. Scott if anything should happen to him.

      We CAN NOT afford to allow another TURNCOAT to be voted into our state government.

      Benning supports BIDEN and his destructive agenda as well as claiming to be a Scott republican. They voted for Biden.

      We need to send a loud and clear message to the REPUBLICAN PARTY in the state of Vermont that we are done having their chosen candidates elected to DESTROY our STATE.

      We are encouraging everyone to WRITE IN Gregory M Thayer for Lieutenant Governor and would appreciate your help in getting him elected.

      It is time for VERMONTERS to stand up and be counted.

      We can make our voices heard by supporting this movement to begin to rid VERMONT of corrupt politicians that continue to call us WHITE SUPREMACISTS, RACISTS AND INSURRECTIONISTS because we support our constitution and rule of law in America.

      Please visit and help make positive changes in our state.

  3. I too have held a baby in my arms that was very very small at less than 6 months old. I believe she was 1.65lbs when I held her, and under no circumstances was she not a human being. When I looked directly into her eyes I knew she had a soul. Today she has also graduated from college and is a productive member of society with hopes and dreams.

    It’s murder and having held that baby and seen so many others I will never be convinced otherwise.


    I want to point out the language used that GIVES the State CONTROL over YOUR FERTILITY:

    The full proposed addition to our Vermont Constitution:
    “That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy is central to
    the liberty and dignity to determine one’s own life course and shall not be
    denied or infringed unless justified by a compelling State interest achieved by
    the least restrictive means.”

    “unless justified by a compelling State interest achieved by
    the least restrictive means”

    What is a “compelling State Interest”? The interests of the State change with every political wind.

    What happens when that wind wants to lower the population?

    • Really good point Brian!
      I hadn’t thought previously of the term, “compelling state interest,” as the State having control over “personal reproductive rights.”
      That is another possibility to add to my list. Thank you!

      • I don’t believe that the proposed amendment says anything but that. Everything else is vague.

    • or..encourgage your young son or daughter to ……..change pronoun, gender, other……without your permission as the parent of said “child”
      this is a crime against humanity………
      and the Republican Party I see operating now in Vermont SUCKS……

  4. Please let’s not just blame this on the Democrats..

    Out Governor Phil Scott is in favor of this bill.

    Senator Joe Benning who is running to become our lieutenant governor voted for prop 5 twice and has stated publicly that he will vote for article 22 to be enshrined into the Vermont Constitution.

    This is a disturbing article that takes parental rights away from Vermonters and allows the mutilation of our children at the hands of state consent.

    I know the primary has been held and Senator Joe Benning was given the nod to go forward after defeating Gregory Thayer in a primary by only 2000 votes.

    We have taken the situation into our own hands as Vermonters who are very concerned about having political candidates forced down our throats without any say whatsoever..

    We have started a grassroots movement to write in Gregory Thayer for Lieutenant Governor.

    It’s time to send a message to the Republican party that we will no longer support people who claim to be Republicans who are selling us out at every level in government.

    I am asking every one of you who is concerned for the future of Vermont to write in Gregory Thayer as Lieutenant Governor by using the instructions on the web page we have created.

    We need to send a clear message to the Republican party and to those that claim to be Republicans while voting for Joe Biden for president and participating in the destruction we are witnessing in America today.

    Senator Joe Benning calls Patriots who support the rule of law in America and support our Constitution INSURRECTIONISTS, WHAT SUPREMACISTS AND RACISTS.

    We can no longer allow these turncoats to represent us in Vermont government when we have a choice and we can make our voices heard.

    Please visit

    Everyone should spread the word among friends and family, in the community, and on social media.

    Ballot MUST be filled out EXACTLY:

    “Gregory M. Thayer of Rutland”

  5. If Vermonters vote yes for Prop 5, article 22, personal reproductive liberty Vermonters will have a new constitutional right. Along with the right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech,and freedom of the press, Vermonters will have the the right to kill their babies any time before birth. We must vote “NO” for Prop 5,article22, personal reproductive liberty. Killing babies should never be a Vermont Constitutional right.

  6. Here’s a List of “Things to Consider” about Article 22:

    Proponents for Article 22 say the Article is necessary for the simple protection of abortion Yet, Act 47 was signed into Vermont Law in 2019 legalizing unrestricted abortion up to birth. This made Vermont’s Abortion Law the same as in China, North Korea and three other US States.

    Proponents for adding Article 22 to our Vermont State Constitution say it will protect abortion , woman’s rights and healthcare freedom Yet, there are no words in the Article 22 Language that refer to a woman, pregnancy or abortion.

    If passed, the vague and undefined language of Article 22 will be defined by Lawyers and Vermont Courts.

    Article 22 could actually undermine the protection for woman provided in Act 47 depending on how Lawyers and Vermont Courts interpret a man’s right to, “personal reproductive autonomy.”

    Will the vague and undefined language of Article 22 open doors to modern day eugenics, fetal cell lines, chimeras, gain of function, selling of baby body parts, the genetic engineering of traits and genders, human cloning, selling of embryos, and other questionable human experimentation?

    The words, “personal” and “individual,” related to “reproductive autonomy” in Article 22 seems to cover all human persons. Could this be interpreted to include the statewide legalization of all manner of sexually related human behaviors by “individuals” such as: pedophilia, prostitution, sex trafficking, adult trans-surgeries, non-adult trans-surgeries, sterilizations, reverse sterilizations, infertility treatment, surrogate services, pornography, under-age sexual relations, incest, orgies, polygamy, etc.

    Article 22 does not speak to age restrictions or conscience clauses for workers. What about personal and religious convictions, Vermont children, families and parental rights?

    What will the consequences be to ALL those in our Practicing Medical Community throughout Vermont?

    Will all that is allowed under “personal reproductive autonomy” be considered Constitutional Rights? Therefore, paid for with our Vermont State Tax Monies?

    What is the definition of, “compelling State interest?” Does this mean “the State” could use this term at their choosing to control or intervene in any situation of “personal reproductive autonomy?”

    Some states are considering allowing abortions after birth. Would this practice called, “Perinatal Abortion,” be allowed in Vermont under the term of, “personal reproductive autonomy?”

    Will the passing of Article 22 provide a pathway to the funding of pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood with Vermont State Tax Monies?

    A Vermont Planned Parenthood spokesperson said, “Article 22 will open up a range of different questions for future lawmakers.”

    Will the passing of Article 22 make Vermont a destination State for everything that is legalized by, “personal reproductive autonomy?”

  7. If Article 22 is to “protect abortion rights” why does it not have the word abortion or woman in it? We have an abortion right in Vermont……..this isnt about abortion, its about everything else…… obvious I am dumdified people are not seeing it…….

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