White House hires Satanist to lead Monkey Pox response

Dr. Demetre Deskalakis (right) in Satanic-themed helmet with his husband wearing crown of thorns (American Conservative photo). The two operate a Satanic-themed gym in Manhattan.

by Aaron Warner

There is no joy in being a member of the “we tried to tell you” team.  However, those of us who have been sounding the alarm for years are now sitting through the most painful stages I-told-you-so chorus ever sung.  

For those who were eager to dismiss Q-anon and Pizzagate with their claims the left was overrun with Satanists and pedophiles, have another look. The Biden administration just added another nail to the coffin they’re hoping to embalm the United States in by shamelessly hiring a Satanist to co-head the Monkey Pox task force.  

Meet Dr. Demetre Deskalakis, out and proud member of the LGBTQ-anon community.  Deskalakis has the usual pedigree for a darling of the left: Harvard and Columbia educated, alphabet group identitarian, pro-vaccine, pro-choice, pro-unrestrained sexual behavior, etc.. However, Dr. Demetre goes one further as an out and proud Satanist.  Yes, he and his male partner most notably opened a satanic themed gym in Manhattan called Monster Cycle.  Who better to tackle modern day Sodom and Gomorrah’s latest STD issue than this guy? 

No stranger to religion, Demetre was raised by Greek Orthodox parents who have to wonder where they went wrong.  Maybe setting your child’s eyes on the Ivy League isn’t what it was once cracked up to be mom and dad?  Sure, he did spend some time as a general and religion double major however, of all religious outcomes he opted for the one with the shortest life expectancy and the longest eternal consequence.  The red hot irony singes the psyche. 

Never ones to miss out on some quality delusions, the crack team of journalists over at NPR legitimize Dr. Demonic with a series of semi-serious questions that solicit equally semi-serious answers from the bad doctor.  Here is one revealing exchange: 

(NPR) “What’s it been like for you to be in such a visible role as the gay/queer person that’s the face of the White House monkeypox response?”

(DD) “My very first hour of doing this, I got to meet with the President and he said my job is to make sure that we’re really working hard for the LGBTQ community, especially in the vein of equity. So literally, I landed and was told to do exactly what I love doing. It’s been great.

I get to work with Bob Fenton, [the White House Monkeypox Response Coordinator], who is like a rock star from the perspective of large event emergencies. I’m learning some really valuable things from him that are definitely outside my normal wheelhouse.”

Equity, rock star, wheelhouse – these are medical terms, folks. 

If monkey pox is anything it’s equitable.  It doesn’t care if you are gay or straight, black, white, red, Jewish, gentile, short or tall.  If you have sexual contact with it, it will make itself available to you.  Period. 

However, monkey pox is just another pimple on the posterior of modern day sexual liberation.  Just like Dr. Demetre is careful to groom himself when appearing at the White House instead of taking the podium in his preferred half-naked leather BDSM get-up, the preferred outcome for the LGBTQ-Satanist community is a return to “normal” life, says Dr. Do-lots-of-partners: 

(DD) Single partnerships [meaning one-time sexual encounters] that men who have sex with men report are down – 50% have stopped doing them or reduced them – less anonymous sex, all of the things we advise as temporary measures, until we get vaccines into people’s arms and they can go back to life as usual.

We’re in this phase where getting the supply and maintaining the demand [for vaccines] is so important. It’s reasonable to think people will change behavior for awhile, but not reasonable to think that they’re going to change it forever. And we’re not asking for forever, we’re asking for now.

Reality check Vermont – this is indicative of the type of people running the most powerful country in the world, who also assume authority over you and your children. They are the party of let’s party and to hell with the consequences – literally.  

These are the same people who are trying to sell you on climate change, the great reset, Drag Queen story hour, patriots and rosary beads as signs of domestic terrorists, and gun buy-backs.  

They’re doing it on your dime. 

Are you awake yet? 

The author is a Vermont Daily Chronicle reporter, columnist and Vermont resident.

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  1. Maybe he can hang out with the high level Biden appointee in charge of nuclear waste who’s likewise a gay guy but is into men who want to be treated like dogs?

  2. Article about a satanist and fails to mention if he is a “Satanic Temple” or “Church of Satan” member. Probably neither. Regardless, I was surprised when I read the “Satanic Temple’s Seven Tenets”. Their beliefs and values are far more appealing to me than anything mainstream organized religion has to offer (perpetual wars, death and division) and are more of a guideline to just be a good human who allows others their own freedom of choice without judgement.
    If someone has any information on meetings in VT, I would love to know more….

    • Quibbling over which satanic denomination he represents, if any, is besides the point. A “doctor” in charge of public health policy regarding monkey pox identifying with ANY satanic tenets is newsworthy, and to much of the the country, disturbing.

      Satanism as a practice aligns largely with Aleister Crowley and Anton LeVay. Both of whom sought power from the Prince of Darkness to live a life of unbridled carnal pleasure. It is hedonism coupled with sado-masochism masquerading as a religion by co-opting values from actual religions to draw fire away from the fact they exploit both people and children in a perpetual orgy. It is the very orgiastic nature of satanism that promotes diseases like HIV and Monkey pox, both closely associated with unrestrained homosexual practices or high volume sexual encounters among heterosexuals. Thus the sheer irony of this appointment, and with the tax dollars of millions of Americans who would never, ever hire this man as a doctor for any medical reason.

      You’ll also notice there are dozens of sexually transmitted diseases for the debauched, and literally none for those who follow the tenets of Satan’s hated rival the God of the Bible. Why is that? To wit, the Jewish cleanliness practices given by God were why Jews survived at a much higher rate during all previous pandemics including the Black Death.

      The mention of his spin studio is simple evidence that, aside from his attire and tattoo choices, he identifies as a satanist in business as well as personal. I also have a spin studio and have been teaching fitness for 20 years. Conversely my business name is Good News Training inspired by Luke 4:18&19 which states:

      The Spirit of the Lord is upon me for I have come to preach the Good News of sight for the blind, healing for the sick, freedom for the oppressed, and the year of the Lord’s favor.

      I have been blessed to help people battle and/or overcome obesity, diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, cancer, osteo-arthritis, Ataxia, etc. while also winning World, Olympic, National, Regional, Pan-American, State and local championships in a variety of sports from all over the world.
      I’m still in business and none of my clients have ever gotten HIV/AIDS or monkey pox. My clients are extending their lives and quality of life thanks to honoring God and His health advice.

      The new monkey pox tsar cannot say the same. His satanic values dictate pushing a Big Pharma vaccine (no doubt for selfish gain as any true satanist would admit) in order to enable the ongoing disease teasing orgy that drops some twenty years from the life expectancy of homosexual men. That’s your new hero.

      Monkey pox is no joke. Neither are the other STDs, but thanks to “doctors” like this one the LGBTQ community is acquiring both physical and mental diseases like it’s candy. It’s one massive deception created by a fatal attraction to truly unsafe sex.

      Which is why I question the horrible decision to hire someone with his pedigree for a taxpayer funded position as important as this. He’s a vanity hire at best. Surely we could do better, however the Biden Administration isn’t interested in that. They are hell-bound and determined to ruin our once great country in a sea of perversion and sin. Just like I read about in the last chapter of this one Book…


  3. “Yes, he and his male partner most notably opened a satanic themed gym in Manhattan called Monster Cycle. Who better to tackle modern day Sodom and Gomorrah’s latest STD issue than this guy?”

    First, it (was) just a SPIN STUDIO (bikes) decorated in a dark, Halloween-type theme that played heavy metal music videos during sessions. There was absolutely nothing that referenced satanic religions whatsoever. In 2022, your self-righteous satanic-panic opinion piece just reeks of Tipper Gore influences.

    Second, it’s been closed since June of 2019 per yelp. So the reporting is negligible at best.

    • @ Anonymous

      Perhaps some people have a level of discomfort with someone who is put into a high level government position yet engages in and publicly flaunts marginal activities? And I’m not criticizing their being gay but rather their “extracurricular activities “ that they publicly flaunt such as Satanic worship or dog play fetishists.

  4. Now we know who designed the set for Biden’s, “MAGA Republicans are terrorists and Enemies of the State”, speech.

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