Kelly: ‘What about all the good done at Planned Parenthood?’

40 Days for Life prayer vigil participants in Barre

by Tom Kelly

One objection to our 40 Days for Life campaign presented by passersby is that Planned Parenthood provides essential health-care services to the needy and our community would be harmed if they went away.

In response, I recommend Chapter 12 of What to Say When by Carney and Karlen:

“Imagine a daycare center that provided enriching education, healthy snacks, and flexible hours but physically harms some of the children in its care. As a parent, you wouldn’t stop to weigh the merits of the string cheese and juice boxes against your concerns about child abuse. You’d pull your children from the daycare and call the authorities to shut down because nothing can justify harming a child.”


“Ultimately, Planned Parenthood is an abortion business, and its non-abortion services are meant to distract clients, community members, and voters from the barbarity of abortion.”

Any good PP does is tainted because it kills children. And, as Vermonter Martin Green points out, “We’re not praying to end contraceptives, mammograms, or STD and cancer screenings. We are praying to end abortion which is the killing of innocent, defenseless babies in the womb.”

The author is a Barre resident and coordinator of 40 Days for Life, a Barre-based prayer vigil at the Highland Avenue Planned Parenthood office.

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  1. Kind of like asking what about all the good done by serial killers? Many married, raised a family & even were involved in their churches. It is immaterial. Murder is and always will be: murder.

  2. Face it, What ever few services they offer are more than paid for by abortion services and sale of Infants’ tissue and body parts to dealers.