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Westford, Stowe voters reject spending, Berlin says yes and no

By Guy Page

Municipal voters in Westford, Stowe and Berlin all voted down proposed spending projects at special town meetings held yesterday, Tuesday, November 7. However, Berlin voters also voted yes on four other spending items. 

Berlin voters rejected one spending item – a recreational path, by a 142-173 vote – but approved four other projects: Town Center transportation improvements, ice rink improvements, completing a waterline loop, and sewer repair/replacements. 

In Westford and Stowe, only one item was on the off-year Election Day ballots – and both went down to defeat.

In Westford, voters decided 488-532 to reject a $400,000, 30-year wastewater bond. 57% of the town’s registered voters cast ballots. 

Town Clerk Callie Hamdy today told VDC she has already received inquiries for petitions to revote the measure. 

In Stowe, 34% of registered voters cast ballots, 19% in person and 15% by absentee ballot. The results were 562-983 against spending $39 million to improve the Stowe High School/Middle School campus. Voters were asked to foot 100% of the project cost because the project didn’t meet state school construction guidelines, and because the Legislature has temporarily suspended its school construction spending. 

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  1. Why is it when spending gets turned down, somehow it manages to come around for a re-vote…that never seems to happen when a spending bill passes. What part of NO is difficult to understand?

  2. The school facilities in Stowe are FINE the way they are. This project should NEVER have gone up for vote.

    The NO vote was by a large margin. Don’t blame the state funding system for the
    failure. The plan is exorbitant. Suck in your gut, swallow your pride, accept responsibility and don’t bring this for a re-vote. NO GO!!!!