Welch backs transgender therapy for children

By Guy Page

Rep. Peter Welch has co-sponsored the “Trans Bill of Rights,” a resolution introduced June 28 into the U.S. House of Representatives.

The bill, whose lead sponsor is Pramila Jayapal (D-Washington), would add transgender and non-binary Americans to the list of groups of people protected by existing civil rights legislation. It also would appear to expand access to transgender treatments for youth. 

The resolution calls for “eliminating unnecessary governmental restrictions on the provision of, and access to, gender-affirming medical care and counseling for transgender and nonbinary adults, adolescents, and children.”  

The resolution does not itemize the “unnecessary governmental restrictions.” A Vermont bill with similar language, however, would eliminate the need for parental consent for children seeking puberty blockers and hormone therapy.

“Trans folks deserve to live happy, healthy, and safe lives. They deserve to be protected and supported, not attacked,” Welch tweeted Tuesday, June 28. “That’s why I’ve joined @RepJayapal to introduce a Trans Bill of Rights and provide essential protections for trans folks across the country.”

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  1. What else would you expect from the agenda follower Welch, he looking for votes and
    sides on whatever he believes are relevant for just that …………… pretty pathetic !!

  2. And THIS is the extremist EVERYONE is going to aid in ushering into office by either refusing to vote or refusing to vote for whichever GOP candidate wins the primary. Thanks. For nothing.

    Just hope you don’t have children.

  3. Welch is such a sad example of a “Representative”. Shame on Vermonters for electing this cultural Marxist. A bored, guilt ridden, self loathing elitist who seems to know little and care even less for any issue not centered around his Holy Trinity of race, gender, or sexual identity. There will be hope for the State of Vermont when they dismiss Peter Welch from any elected office. (including dog catcher).

  4. This works well with their zero population agenda. These hormone therapy drugs cause sterilization. I wonder if parents will speak up. It’s amazing what folks will give up due to fear of man and what others will think.

  5. The best thing that could happen is for him to exit in the draft (wind) created by the Red Wave. I hope the Wave is as powerful here as in some other states. Time will tell. He is totally useless.

  6. disgusting…….and he is a big NO on term limits…….OUT WITH YOU WELCH


    Dennis Morrisseau…..write in Dennis or Denny Now living in W Pawlet, VT NOT BURLINGTON.

    • He doesn’t know either! Demonrats can’t identify real women or any woman and lean toward pajama boy types like Peter.

  8. There is no such thing as transgender!! God only has two gender Male And Female. The rest is not right! Pass all the Bills you want. In the end there will be only two GENDERS, They are and always will be!! Male and Female that’s all.

  9. Isn’t the “bill that allows/has similar language” in fact the proposed article 22 that will be coming up for adding to the VT Constitution?

  10. Peter Welch is just a failed ambulance chasing lawyer; the kind of out-of-state, flatland, carpetbagger politician that our parents warned us about. And this November Vermonters are being given the opportunity to kick him out of office, and hopefully out of politics. He is NOT Senator Leahy’s heir apparent–he’s just another creepy machine politician…

  11. Only weak parents would submit their children to any of this transgender wokeness. Any super woke, liberal parent who allows this to be done to a minor is a sick person. Children need time to work through their own struggles, especially in this world of Tic Tok and other internet trash available on cellphones. And of course, children are not capable to withstand the constant garbage fed to them and readily available with no restrictions. Some liberals see children as objects to be used to show others in their cult, how woke they are, it’s a sickness. I believe that parents who vaccinate their children with these potential life altering drugs should be charged with child abuse and the children taken away from them. Australia is currently seeing babies of vaccinated parents with respiratory distress being brought into hospitals because the children have been born with no immune systems. Look it up, the horrors are starting to show up from these poison injections on a large scale all around the world. Same on Welch for being so ignorant and a party hack. He does not deserve any more years in Washington.

  12. If the Vermont Constitution is amended to guarantee “personal reproductive autonomy” – applying to individuals of any age, is more likely that children will be taken away from their parents by the state for trying to prevent their children from taking the hormone altering drugs for the sake of their immediate and long term health…..vote NO in November on Article 22….and spread the word….

  13. Peter, all these comments, and NOT ONE thinks this is a good idea. Why don’t you get the message? If you are after votes, someone is giving you BAD ADVICE! You are everything we don’t want! Not in Washington! Not even in Vermont!

  14. time for Peter Welch to be ousted from office. he’s no good for vermont. anyone can claim they help veterans just like bernie claims he saved medicare, yeah right!

  15. So in VT week can’t charge Adults 18-23 as adults because their brain is not developed enough, but a child can decide to take body altering/destroying drugs as young as 5 years old. Way to go Peter

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