‘We Will Kill You’: college student arrested in Vermont for threatening congressman for opposition to ‘the gays’

by Alexa Schwerha, contributor to The Daily Caller News Foundation

A Keene State College (NH) student was charged with making a threatening phone call to a member of Congress over their stance on “the gays,” the Department of Justice confirmed on Monday.

Allan Poller made an appearance in federal court in federal court on Monday, April 3 after allegedly making a call threatening to kill an unidentified member of the House of Representatives on March 29, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office press release. Poller left a voicemail to the representative during which he said he would “take a bullet to your f—ing head if you f— with my rights anymore.” 

“Hi, my name is Allan Poller, A-L-L-A-N P-O-L-L-E-R, phone number []8931. And I just want to let you know, Representative [Name], if you keep on coming for the gays, we’re gonna strike back and I guarantee you, you do not want to f— with us,” he said, according to the press release. “We will kill you if that’s what it takes. I will take a bullet to your f—ing head if you f— with my rights anymore. And then if you want to keep going down that path, you know who’s next.”

Poller was charged with “transmitting in interstate commerce a threat to injure the person of another,” the press release reads. He faces “up to five years in prison, up to three years of supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000.”

His lawyer described Poller as “peaceful” and said that he meant “no ill will toward anybody and does not believe in violence or disruptive protest,” the Associated Press reported. The lawyer said Poller “is mindful of the allegations against him and will allow the legal process to continue without further comment at this time.”

Poller told investigators that he was “emotional and intoxicated” when the call was made and that he does not own firearms.

“Keene State College officials are cooperating fully with relevant law enforcement bodies in this emergent situation. While the College supports a culture that embraces the free and open exchange of ideas, it does not condone violence, or threats of violence, as a means for overcoming differences,” Paul Miller, Keene State College director of strategic communications, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Keene State College has policies and practices to address actions that run contrary to our values; our Student Code of Conduct explicitly prohibits behaviors that threaten or endanger the health or safety of any person. The College will move forward, diligently, in accordance with its policies and procedures.”

The FBI referred the DCNF to the press release.

Editor’s note: according to, the object of the threat was Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida.

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  1. What in that message shows this idiot as a peaceful, non-violent, gay man? Alcohol can also make you say things that you wouldn’t have the guts to say if you were sober, either way this guy is an idiot and dangerous!

  2. This is going to happen more and more. We’re becoming a breeding ground for evil!!

  3. Throw the book at him. The 2S-LGBTQIAP+ alphabet people (particularly when high on prescription drugs and alcohol) are statistically the most violent and dangerous segment of our population – as evidenced by the shockingly high percentage of mass murders at their hands.

    Sarah George is NOT your prosecutor, Mr. Poller.

  4. It is those on the left who promote the dangerous idea that a “microaggression” such as not respecting the doctrine of transgenderism is the equivalent of a physical attack. In their twisted minds, this justifies their threats or actuation of violence. According to their demented ideology, this is justified in the name of “civil rights” and “social justice”. Liberals’ inability to distinguish between protected free expression and actual criminal violence is partially due to the public schools failure to educate basic civics and Constitutional law, but that is hardly an excuse. Throw the book at this derelict, not only for his specific threats but for fomenting this kind of anarchy to others of his political ilk. Vermin like this need felony convictions so they can never legally purchase or possess firearms.

  5. Life comes at you fast for Lib drunk college kid replacement headline

  6. This is what happens when you have an administration that panders to the mentally ill instead of locking them up. They blame inanimate objects because they don’t have the balls to do the right thing. Bring back mental institutions and get these crazies out of the public.

  7. Anybody notice that he is identified as a NH college student and not a Vermont resident ? Another useless product of the NEA, AFT and VT legislature. Congratulations to all of you. You must be soooooo proud !

    • We can be grateful however that he is being prosecuted in the federal court instead of with the velvet glove of some Soros-supported Vermont State’s Attorney…

    • That actually makes me happy to hear. Now Vermont can actually “f with his rights” like the rest of ours with their new red flag laws.

  8. The alphabet mafia can find a reason to dismiss any violent overture on their part, sic. Nashville trans murderer

  9. This is a product of the everyone gets a trophy upbringing. We also need debate back in the schools. Students have to learn again to analyze both sides of an opinion and not just be fed one side and shielded from the other side by safe spaces or the silencing of counterpoint speech.

  10. Another democrat expressing the tolerance being instilled in them by their political party.

  11. It’s really just like dealing with a collective case of borderline personality disorder, which is to say, the only way to deal with it is to avoid these people entirely. Unfortunately, they’re everywhere. I hate to say it, but Florida looks better every day. Texas? Hard call. Fewer of them, at least.

  12. Seems like the same kind of behavior that woman (yes I said woman) who killed 3 kids and 3 adults just the other day. See what happens when you go that route, you get twisted in your mind and think that kind of behavior is not a problem, but down right acceptable. Sodomy, manipulating your body to mimic a different sex, gene splicing and all that are sins against GOD. See how Evil just makes one the best they can be.
    This is what happens when you do not award people for true excellence but for just being there and in some cases you punish them instead. Funny saw it in a cartoon that actually showed much wisdom. The statement ” If everyone is super … no one is”. Sounds about right. Too many kids and even adults are too hooked on needing to feel “special” needing “attention” to feel important. That is a failing of our society. Single parent homes, the improper “equalization” of women in movies (a very bad idea ) and the portrayal of men as incompetent boobs instead of the builders of the world (for good or bad) do a great job at confusing the true natural way of things.

    This person, as diluted as he is , wants attention for the bad choices that he has made, attention for being lied to by progressive ideals that never pan out, for being confused and in all likelihood severely depressed. Self destructive behavior comes from never being heard and not feeling that anything will fix it. He needs help, counseling and punishment for what he has done. Someone who does such an obviously stupid thing needs to understood to keep the next one and there probably will be, more from happening.

  13. Remember when Congressman Nadler said antifa was a myth. Remember when Congresswoman Waters told supporters to “get in their face, make them feel unwelcome” Remember the summer of love 2020, when businesses were burned, a section of Seattle became a war zone, and people were accosted, threatened and assaulted just peacefully going about their day. Is it not plain to see who is responsible and who is managing to whip people into rage fits and unleash violence into our communities? Is it eerily similar to Germany circa 1934?

  14. Arrested in Springfield eh?
    They haven’t pulled his FB page yet?

    Allan Poller
    Springfield High School (Vermont) • Lives in Springfield, Vermont

    Could this be the same one who moved here from Newark NJ