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Watercooler: VT Left opposes Molly Gray

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Publication Headline Published
WCAX Hartford still seeks new police chief 5/26/2022 4:02 PM
VT Digger Vermont’s left is split on US House candidates — but unified in opposition to Molly Gray 5/26/2022 5:16 PM
VT Digger Rutland mayor nominates Rep. Peter Fagan in hopes of unifying school board 5/26/2022 6:38 PM
Seven Days Vermont’s Gun-Control Record Scrutinized After Massacres in Texas, NY 5/26/2022 6:45 PM
WCAX Audio recording captures City Hall Park shootout 5/26/2022 11:17 PM
NBC 5 Lake Monsters still accepting host families as season gets underway 5/26/2022 11:26 PM
The Valley Reporter Faces of the housing crisis — restaurant owners impacted too 5/27/2022 4:41 AM
VT Digger Plant sales canceled due to invasive jumping worm 5/27/2022 6:17 AM
WCAX NH man convicted of 1st-degree murder in beheading case 5/27/2022 6:49 AM
VT Digger Justin Salisbury: Is the newest UVM-Abenaki scandal actually about energy politics? 5/27/2022 7:04 AM
NBC 5 Suspect in custody following Brattleboro shooting 5/27/2022 8:03 AM
WCAX Police find airsoft guns at home of student accused of CVU threat 5/27/2022 8:05 AM

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  1. Jokes about “only dead skunks are in the middle of the road” regarding the political center notwithstanding, this election will absolutely be determined by what’s left of the ideological centrists in Vermont. Many democrats are still a bit sore over Molly cutting the long line of political succession and using her cutesy “farmgirl” persona to get elected. The VTGOP can only benefit if a hardcore moonbat like Balint gets the nomination. Whether it comes down to Balint or Gray going to Congress, what real difference does that make anyhow??? In November, Erica Redick needs to be very careful to not alienate the center if she wants to be our next US Rep.

  2. Anyone but ME see that almost ALL these “candidates” NEVER held a REAL job but only latched onto a CURRENT Sen. or Rep. as a “staffer”? And WHY does/did Leahy have about 60 of them? And WHY was he in Davos hob-nobbing with the Globalist Parasites scheming to hand US sovereignty over to the corrupt CCP owned WHO? Clean sweep! BOOT OUT the whole “party” of them..

  3. OF COURSE the left doesn’t support Molly. She is sensible and thoughtful, intelligent, attractive, articulate, upbeat and positive, connects well with people, native Vermonter with family roots in agriculture. These are things that the left loathes.