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Watercooler: Ranked choice voting to get another look in Legislature

VT DiggerSheriff candidates ride in on reform, unseat incumbents in Windsor, Orange counties
WCAXVermont lawmakers expected to reconsider ranked-choice voting
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WCAXState releases roadmap for improving Alzheimerā€™s care in Vermont
NBC 5Amid EMT & paramedic shortage, Vermont EMS Academy offers critical training
WCAXVermont lawmakers outline climate agenda
WCAXNew York emerges as exception to strong election for Dems
WCAXVermont homicide rate highest in 3 decades
NBC 5Get free entry to all US National Park sites on Veterans Day

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  1. Ranked Choice Voting reminds me of the old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it !” An example of how RCV does not work was the AlaskaĀ Senate campaign, where two Republicans faced off against eachĀ other in the general election because they were the two biggest vote getters in the primaries. Think about that here in Vermont, nothing but Democrats on a general election ballot. That will be the day that election day becomes just another day, as my voice will have been taken away. I will have to put up with the never ending cascade of politicalĀ B.S. with no hope of ever having my issues, and beliefs given an ear to be directed to, only a place in my memory to go and die. That will be theĀ last straw, the last time I vote.

    • Thatā€™s exactly what they want, total control which they pretty much already have.

    • What are you talking about? RCV is not my favorite option, but it’s miles better than what we have right now, and essentially the opposite of your example. In our current system, most of the offices are decided in the primary (why so many of them are running un-opposed in the general), and you’re forced to choose which primary to vote it. Our current system is the worst of all worlds, and is definitely broke enough to warrant fixin’.

  2. They are doing this so more republicans can get into office. Please, why else would the do it? We get more thought diversity with this!

    They feel really bad about having supermajorities in both the house and the senate and this will help eliminate their dominance.

    This a really kind and magnanimous gesture on their part.