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Watercooler: old Burlington High School to face the wrecking ball in January

WCAXSouth Burlington approves zoning change that could pave the way for Tesla showroom
Seven DaysDemolition of Old Burlington High School Will Start in January
NBC 5Burlington special election results give Democrats temporary majority of city council
VT DiggerChittenden County Sheriff’s Office warns Vermonters of scam
NBC 5Ohio couple who celebrated 79 years of marriage die hours apart
WCAXMontpelier cannabis shop holding monthly expungement clinics
WCAXOnline meeting to explain Christmas Bird Count to bird watchers

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  1. Oh no! Won’t it let all these PCB’s in the air? That doesn’t matter as it doesn’t fit the need a new school narrative.

  2. The Burlington simply wanted a brand new high school.

    Most of the schools in the state could be made to ‘fail the test”
    if that was desired.
    $many Million$ spent and wasted over a phony response.
    Hottest weather, school closed for months of heated weather,
    Zero ventilation.
    Done on purpose to get a “new High School! “