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Watercooler National: Midwest hospital chain stops using race-based plan amid backlash/ Canadian truckers protest mandate/ Pelosi’s son has criminal encounters

Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) provides links and brief excerpts from news reports in the national media.

Midwest hospital chain stops using race-based COVID-19 treatment plan amid backlash –Using race as preferential factor for treatment is ‘profoundly unethical,’ ‘immoral,’ and ‘illegal,’ attorneys say | 17 Jan 2022 | SSM Health, a Catholic hospital chain that operates 23 hospitals across the Midwest, has stopped using race as a determining factor for prioritizing COVID-19 treatment, the chain announced Friday after receiving a legal threat from a nonprofit conservative law firm. Attorneys at the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) issued a letter Friday to SSM Health warning that it is illegal to distribute monoclonal antibody products (mAbs) based on race. The letter cited a Dec. 31 email to physicians by SSM Health that referenced a risk scoring calculator, in which non-White patients received a 7-point head start out of 20 total and were therefore more likely to receive life-saving medical treatment over White patients with medically recognized co-morbidities or symptoms, the attorneys argued.

Doctor loses license, must have psych evaluation for COVID ‘falsehoods,’ board says –Dr. Nass treated COVID-19 patients with Ive- and hydro-, according to the board. –On her blog, Nass called her license suspension a “witch-hunt.” | 14 Jan 2022 | A doctor with decades of experience can’t practice medicine after her license was temporarily suspended over complaints that she shared coronavirus misinformation [sic], according to a Maine licensing board. The board has ordered her to undergo a neuropsychological evaluation, it said. Dr. Meryl J. Nass, who got a license to practice medicine in Maine in 1997, had her license “immediately” suspended for 30 days after a board investigation and review of complaints against her on Jan. 12, according to a suspension order from the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine. Nass, who’s an internist in Ellsworth, must “submit” to an evaluation by a “Board-selected psychologist” on Feb. 1, the board’s evaluation order issued Jan. 11 said… Nass called “disinformation and misinformation” a “fuzzy concept” that the board hasn’t defined for her, she said. “There’s no law that says doctors can’t express their educated opinion on any subject.”

Convoy of Truck Drivers Protest Vaccine Rule at Canada-US Border | 18 Jan 2022 | A convoy of truck drivers took to the streets on Highway 75, Emerson, Manitoba, near the U.S.-Canada border on the morning on January 17, following the introduction of new COVID-19 vaccination requirements on truckers put in place by the Canadian and U.S. governments. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said that a “large number of vehicles” were involved in the “demonstration” near the Emerson Port of Entry, affecting both northbound and southbound lanes… “Truck drivers are circling MB-75 between Emerson Duty Free and the Commercial Inspection station blocking all lanes heading south to the United States and Northbound traffic coming from the USA,” driver Jamie Throp told local radio station CJOB in an interview.

Group of BC truckers planning to join convoy across Canada to protest vaccine mandates | 16 Jan 2022 | A number of Canadian truckers have planned a massive convoy with hopes of ending a vaccine mandate that was put into place across the country recently. As of Saturday, Canadian truckers must be fully vaccinated if they want to avoid quarantine and pre-arrival molecular tests while unvaccinated American big-riggers are to be turned back at the border. Colin Valentim, an Ice Road fuel driver and organizer for the British Columbia-Canada convoy, explained that his group will start the journey from Vancouver at 8 am on Jan. 23. They will travel across Canada with other drivers from throughout the country and meet in Ottawa to protest.

Novak Djokovic can’t play French Open unless vaccinated, French Sports Ministry says | 17 Jan 2022 | No. 1-ranked men’s singles player Novak Djokovic might not be allowed to play at the French Open, the next Grand Slam on the schedule, because of his vaccination status. Djokovic lost his appeal on Sunday to play in the Australian Open, closing a nearly two-week long saga over his unvaccinated status and attempt to enter the country with a visa and exemption… Also on Sunday, the French parliament overwhelmingly approved a law requiring vaccination for anyone at restaurants, sports arenas and other venues. Previously unvaccinated persons were allowed to enter with a valid negative test. That includes the French Open and the French Sports Ministry confirmed on Monday there would be no exemptions.

Novak Djokovic: Tennis star to be deported after losing Australia visa appeal –Djokovic has been staying at an immigration detention hotel in Melbourne | 16 Jan 2022 | Tennis star Novak Djokovic has lost his last-ditch court bid to stay in Australia and is set to be deported. Judges rejected his appeal after the government cancelled the unvaccinated player’s visa for a second time this month on public health grounds. The decision has ended the 34-year-old’s hopes of defending his Australian Open title and winning a record 21st Grand Slam. He said he was “extremely disappointed” but respected the ruling.

Triple-vaxxed top US general gets Covid-19 –The Joint Chiefs chairman is double-vaccinated and boosted, the Pentagon said | 17 Jan 2022 | General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has tested positive for Covid-19 and is working remotely, the Pentagon has announced. One other member of the Joint Chiefs is positive, but the military did not say who. Milley tested positive on Sunday and is “experiencing very minor symptoms and can perform all of his duties from the remote location,” Joint Staff spokesman Colonel Dave Butler said in a statement on Monday. The general “received the Covid-19 vaccines including the booster,” Butler added.

Rare Spinal Cord Condition Flagged as Potential Adverse Effect of COVID-19 Vaccines – EU Drug Regulator | 16 Jan 2022 | The European Union’s drug regulator has indicated that a change to the product information for “v”s from AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson has been recommended to include a warning of a rare [as of now] spinal cord condition called transverse myelitis. TM is a rare condition that involves inflammation of one or both sides of the spinal cord. The Pharmacovigilance and Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC), the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) committee that assesses the safety of human medicines, recommended the change on Jan. 14 after concluding that a causal link between the two vaccines and TM is “at least a reasonable possibility.”

Virginia’s New GOP Governor Ends Vaccine Mandate for State Employees, Mask Mandates in Schools | 15 Jan 2022 | Glenn Youngkin, the first Republican to win the state of Virginia since 2009, was sworn in as the state’s 74th governor on Jan. 15. Within hours of his inauguration, he signed 11 executive actions including lifting the mask mandate in Virginia schools and “ending divisive concepts, including critical race theory, in public education.” He also signed an executive directive rescinding the vaccine mandate for all state employees. The 55-year-old former business executive, in his inauguration speech at Richmond, emphasized a “common path forward” with “our deep and abiding respect for individual freedom.”

US government plans to force all new vehicles to have a ‘kill switch’ –Requirement also to have a backdoor available to law enforcement | 16 Jan 2022 | If the US government gets its way, it will require car manufacturers to install kill switches in all new vehicles (cars, trucks, and SUVs) from 2026. The kill switch will have a backdoor that can be accessed by law enforcement. But, as House Representative Bob Barr noted in an article last year, legislation can change unexpectedly to work against law-abiding citizens. The kill switch will not only remotely shut down a vehicle but the technology will also “passively monitor the performance of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.” See the text of the bill here.

Twitter locked out January 6th defense lawyer, gave no reason –The reason for the ban was literally left blank. | 17 Jan 2022 | Twitter locked the account of Marina Medvin, a lawyer representing January 6 defendants. The platform did not provide a reason for the suspension. The suspension was announced on Twitter by conservative commentator Jack Posobiec. According to the screenshots he shared, Medvin’s account was suspended for violating Twitter rules. But the platform did not specify what rules she violated. The space where Twitter specifies what rules a user has violated was blank.

Police in Manchester arrest two teenagers over Texas synagogue siege that saw terrorist from Blackburn shot dead –FBI identifies Texas synagogue shooter as 44-year-old Malik Faisal Akram, who is originally from Blackburn –All four hostages have been released after the terrorist was shot and police stormed the Texas synagogue | 16 Jan 2022 | Two teenagers in Manchester have been arrested tonight in connection with the 44-year-old British terrorist who was shot dead after taking four people hostage during a 10-hour stand-off inside a Texas synagogue. The teenagers, from South Manchester, are currently being quizzed by police over events that transpired more than 4,700 miles away, counter terror specialists confirmed on Sunday night. Malik Faisal Akram, 44, of Blackburn, was shot dead by the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team after holding four hostages, including a rabbi, for more than 10 hours at Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas on Saturday. One hostage was eventually freed after six hours before FBI SWAT team stormed the building at around 9pm (3am GMT) local time, shooting the terror suspect dead. All of the hostages were eventually released unharmed.

Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul was involved in five companies probed by the feds as shocking paper trail connects him to a slew of fraudsters and convicted criminals | 16 Jan 2022 | Nancy Pelosi’s son was involved in five companies probed by federal agencies – but has never been charged himself, a DailyMail dot com investigation reveals. A shocking paper trail shows Paul Pelosi Jr.’s connections to a host of fraudsters, rule-breakers and convicted criminals. His years-long repeated business dealings raise two troubling questions Nancy’s son has been unable to answer: why did he get mixed up with such unsavory characters over and over, and how involved was he with the criminal investigations into his fraudster colleagues? Pelosi Jr. has never been accused or charged with crimes relating to these cases. But sources close to the Democrat power broker’s son – and even Pelosi Jr. himself – admit that some of his business dealings may have arisen from savvy entrepreneurs hiring him in an attempt to curry favor with his powerful family.

Former NYPD detective John Connolly, journalist who investigated Jeffrey Epstein, dies after brief illness | 17 Jan 2022 | Hard-hitting investigative journalist and former NYPD detective John Connolly passed away on Saturday at 78…

‘Unusual mortality event’ leads to record number of manatee deaths | 14 Jan 2022 | After a record number of manatees died from starvation last year, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have come together to form a Joint Unified Command to protect the gentle creatures. The “unusual mortality event” facing the manatees is being blamed on a lack of seagrass, the main food source for the creatures. The dearth of seagrass has been largely blamed on algal blooms that have disrupted Florida ecosystems for years. “For this event, I think what we’re looking for are animals that are in respiratory distress,” said Andy Garett, who also works with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. He said people should keep an eye out for manatees that are returning to the surface more than every minute to breathe or manatees that are moving oddly in the water. The Joint Unified Command has also established a field response station at Cape Canaveral and is trying to provide lettuce to the manatees as a substitute for seagrass… If you see a manatee in need, call the FWC Wildlife Alert Hotline: 888-404-FWCC.

Bethel Park Football Coach Cancels Weightlifting, Tells Players to Shovel Neighbors’ Driveways Instead –More than six inches of snow blanketed Western Pennsylvania overnight from Sunday evening through Monday morning. | 17 Jan 2022 | The elderly, disabled, and working single parents are just some of the people on the receiving end of generosity Monday in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. The mantra remained the same for Bethel Park High School football coach Brian DeLallo as his players traded dumbbells for shovels: use your legs and keep your back tight. “We would have been in the weight room doing squats, and bench press and power cleans,” said DeLallo. More than six inches of snow blanketed western Pennsylvania overnight from Sunday evening through Monday morning. On Twitter, DeLallo said that Monday’s weightlifting workout was canceled due to the expected severe weather. He then said to “find an elderly or disabled neighbor and shovel their driveway.” DeLallo told his players not to accept any money, allowing the driveway shoveling to serve as Monday’s workout.

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