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Watercooler National: Car plows into crowd at Wisconsin Christmas parade/ 37% of truck drivers say no to vaccines/ Biden ships 1.6 million US reserve crude barrels to China

Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) provides links and brief excerpts from news reports in the national media.

Breaking: Multiple people injured after car plows into crowd at Wisconsin Christmas parade – police recover vehicle and ‘are aware of a person of interest’ –One person died and at least 30 were reportedly injured after red SUV sped through and plowed into holiday parade –There were unconfirmed reports of the driver also firing gunshots as he plowed into parade-goers on Sunday –Police said they have recovered the suspect’s vehicle and they are looking for a person of interest –Waukesha Police Department asked residents downtown to shelter in place ‘within a half-mile radius’ | 21 Nov 2021 | A car traveling at high speed plowed into a holiday parade in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin, killing one person and leaving at least 30 people injured, among them several elderly women, who were part of a ‘Dancing Grannies’ float and members of a schoolgirls’ dance team, according to reports. Terrifying video posted to social media shows a speeding red SUV collide into a group of people marching in the middle of the street during the annual holiday parade in Waukesha, some 20 miles west of downtown Milwaukee. Another video shows the speeding SUV narrowly miss a young girl who was dancing in the street as the out-of-control vehicle drove by just feet away. There were also unconfirmed reports of shots fired.

Europe’s lockdown fury: Violence breaks out in Vienna as 10,000 protesters take to the streets and thousands more march in Amsterdam – hours after two people are SHOT in Rotterdam during clashes between activists and Dutch riot police | 20 Nov 2021 | Violence today broke out in Vienna as 10,000 protesters took to the streets to demonstrate against a new Covid-19 lockdown and mandatory vaccinations. It comes after two people were shot and six others injured in Rotterdam last night after activists clashed with Dutch riot police in a demonstration condemned as an “orgy of violence.” Demonstrations against virus measures are also expected in other European countries including Switzerland, Croatia and Italy – the latest in rising anger at the re-introduction of restrictions amid soaring cases on the continent. As the march kicked off on Vienna’s Heldenplatz, thousands of protesters gathered on the massive square. About 1,300 police officers were on duty. They used loudspeakers to tell protesters masks were required, but most did not wear them.

Violent protests break out in Europe over vaccine mandates, lockdowns | 21 Nov 2021 | Violent protests have broken out against [tyrannical] COVID-19 vaccine mandates and lockdowns across Europe amid new tough rules to curb winter waves of the virus freedom. Demonstrators angry about the new measures gathered in Austria, Croatia, Italy, Northern Ireland, the French territory of Guadeloupe and the Netherlands to protest the moves. In the Netherlands, a second night of riots broke out Saturday over a partial lockdown, one day after police opened fire on people protesting the rules in Rotterdam. Protesters hurled fireworks at police and set fire to bicycles in The Hague, as cops used horses, dogs and batons to chase the crowds away, the BBC reported.

CEO of American Trucking Association Reveals 37 Percent of Truckers Will Not Comply With Vaccine Mandate – the Consequences Would Collapse Supply Chains and Civic Society | 17 Nov 2021 | A very interview with Chris Spear, president and CEO of the American Trucking Association, took place. During a House Transportation Committee hearing on supply chain issues, CEO Chris Spear shares an internal survey showing that 37% of truck drivers “not only said no, but said h-ll no” to the Biden vaccine mandates. To give some perspective of the downstream consequence, the ATA President noted “if just 3.7 percent, not 37 percent, just 3.7 percent” of the drivers left the industry, there would be over a quarter million vacancies resulting in a “catastrophic” collapse of the U.S. supply chain. Mr. Spear also shared his opinion the OSHA rule is completely unworkable and unlawful.

Navy Shipbuilding Contractor Suspends Vaccine Mandate After Workers Threaten to Leave | 21 Nov 2021 | A Navy shipbuilding company has ended its vaccine mandate after workers threatened to quit and the Navy confirmed it did not require the mandate. Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII), the parent company of Newport News Shipbuilding, is the world’s only manufacturer of the U.S. Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. The company also serves as just one of two manufacturers of Virginia and Columbia Class submarines, employing more than 25,000 workers in Virginia. Newport had previously announced plans to require all 25,000 of its workers to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8. The deadline was later moved to Jan. 4, to allow additional time. The deadline has now been “suspended,” with the requirement ended.

DeSantis bill signed in Brandon forces companies to slam brakes on COVID vaccine mandates –Florida lawyer representing health care workers called the vaccine guidelines a ‘temporary victory’ | 21 Nov 2021 | Recent legislation signed into law by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is forcing companies to slam the brakes on coronavirus vaccine mandates for employees. “It appears at this point, the hospital is calling their staff back into work,” Florida attorney Greg Crosslin told WJHG of Ascension St. Vincent’s Hospital calling for their staff to return to work after they were terminated for not getting the vaccine. DeSantis signed multiple bills regarding vaccine mandates on Thursday during Florida’s special legislative session. Under one of the bills, private employers must give workers the option of opting out of the vaccine mandate, including medical and religious exemptions.

Biden Shipped to China 1.6M Barrels of Crude From the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve in October, a Monthly Record | 11 Nov 2021 | U.S. Already Exporting Oil From Strategic Reserve at Record Pace – About 1.6 million barrels of crude from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve — a monthly record — was shipped out in October, according to data from market intelligence firm Kpler. Three cargoes were loaded onto a supertanker in the U.S. Gulf Coast and are headed to Asia. “Given the ongoing pace of the current SPR release — 12 million barrels in the last two months and the biggest weekly release so far last week at 3.1 million barrels — it’s fair to assume more SPR barrels are going to leave U.S. shores in the weeks ahead,” said Matt Smith, an oil analyst at Kpler.

Three States Sue Biden Administration Over Memo That Curtails Arrests of Illegal Immigrants | 20 Nov 2021 | The attorneys general of three states have sued Joe Biden’s administration over a memorandum that ordered immigration agents not to arrest many illegal immigrants inside the United States. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen, and Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, all Republicans, assert the directive from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is “a brazen display of contempt for Congress’s statutory commands.” Mayorkas, a Biden nominee, wrote on Sept. 30 that being in the country illegally was not enough cause for agents to carry out an arrest. Estimates of illegal immigrants inside the United States range from 11 million to over 14 million.

Here We Go: Ohio Attorney General Sues Facebook for Securities Fraud, Alleging the Company Misled Investors | 18 Nov 2021 | Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced on Monday that he has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, claiming the company misled and deceived investors in an effort to boost the price of its stock. Yost, a Republican, filed the lawsuit on behalf of the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS), which has invested millions in Facebook stock. Also named as defendants are Facebook executives Mark Zuckerberg, David M. Wehner, and Nick Clegg. The multi-pronged lawsuit alleges “from April 29 through Oct. 21, 2021 Facebook and its senior executives violated federal securities laws by purposely misleading the public about the negative effects its products have on the health and well-being of children and the steps the company has taken to protect the public,” and by inflating its user numbers, thus defrauding investors.

Police officer fired for donating to Rittenhouse defense roars back after not-guilty verdict, wants job back | 21 Nov 2021 | The Virginia police officer who abruptly lost his job after it was revealed he donated to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund wants his job back after a jury concluded that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense and declared him not guilty of murder. Norfolk Police Lt. William Kelly was fired in April after the Guardian revealed the names of police officers and other public officials who donated to Rittenhouse’s legal defense fund. Kelly reportedly donated 25, and used his department-issued email address while making the donation… In terminating Kelly, Norfolk city manager Chip Filer said, “His egregious comments erode the trust between the Norfolk Police Department and those they are sworn to serve.”

Ex-New York Times reporter says paper held story about Kenosha riots until after 2020 election | 20 Nov 2021 | A former New York Times reporter claims the newspaper held her story about the ravaging effects of the Kenosha riots on impoverished neighborhoods until after the 2020 elections. Nellie Bowles went to the Wisconsin city to report on the racial justice riots in the wake of the police shooting of Jacob Blake in August 2020, according to a Thursday post on partner Bari Weiss’s Substack channel Common Sense. Protests, riots and civil unrest engulfed the city for days, and the events were the backdrop of then-17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse’s fatal shooting of two people. Bowles said she was sent to report on the “mainstream liberal argument” that vandalizing buildings for racial justice was not detrimental because businesses had insurance. “It turned out to be not true,” Bowles wrote. “The part of Kenosha that people burned in the riots was the poor, multi-racial commercial district… It was very sad to see and to hear from people who had suffered.”

Wildfires torched up to a fifth of all giant sequoia trees –Wildfires last year killed 7,500 to 10,400 of giants sequoias | 20 Nov 2021 | Lightning-sparked wildfires killed thousands of giant sequoias this year, leading to a staggering two-year death toll that accounts for up to nearly a fifth of Earth’s largest trees, officials said Friday. Fires in Sequoia National Park and surrounding Sequoia National Forest tore through more than a third of groves in California and torched an estimated 2,261 to 3,637 sequoias, which are the largest trees by volume. Nearby wildfires last year killed an unprecedented 7,500 to 10,400 giant sequoias that are only native in about 70 groves scattered along the western side of the Sierra Nevada range. Losses now account for 13% to 19% of the 75,000 sequoias greater than 4 feet (1.2 meters) in diameter.

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