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Watercooler: homeless ‘pod’ coming to Burlington

NBC 5Catholic diocese removes Vermont pastor who rejected pandemic measures
Times ArgusWhat the Vt. Department of Labor must do to protect data
Seven Days

Montpelier-Based ‘Russian Life’ Magazine Suspends Publication Due to the War in Ukraine

WCAXNH lawmakers firmly reject seceding from United States
WCAXRally aims to keep Tibet in Vermonters’ minds amid war in Ukraine
WCAXBurlington plans to put homeless pod community downtown
Seven Days

Map of New Legislative Districts Advances in the House

NBC 5Jussie Smollett sentenced to 150 days in jail in fake attack
VT DiggerLeahy, former booster of scandal-plagued EB-5 program, revives it with reforms
The Valley ReporterAfter bathroom attack, stalking orders, student feels unsafe at Harwood
WCAXMontpelier Police to use a gel instead of pepper spray
VT DiggerWinooski officials, advocates call for changes to state housing policies

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  1. When the word get out about those “pods” they’ll be coming in from all over to get one, Better call for back up Mr. Mayor

    • …just like deadbeats have been attracted to Vermont for years now by the free hotel rooms. Keep in mind that the status of being “homeless” in Vermont and qualifying for such benefits is on the honor system, with no means-testing required. I believe the new expression is “identifies as housing insecure”. With the high cost of living in Vermont, free lodging frees up a lot of financial resources for other necessities like booze and cocaine.

  2. Pods. Reminds me of “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”
    And just when you thought the elected officials in Burlington couldn’t possibly get any dumber…

  3. Perhaps a new magazine called: “Better Pods and Gardens” will be forthcoming. Miro can certainly be the first editor as he will be very experienced before he is finished.

    • Little does Mayor Weinberger know that he will actually be making Burlington’s homeless and vagrancy problem worse by offering such amenities?

  4. So now we know where ‘The Pros’ will be plying their trade.

    I pity anyone living in that dung heap of a town.

  5. We are incentifizing homelessness and government reliance. There isnt a housing shortage, there’s a shortage of sanity and morals. Pods will fit in nicely with spiked crime, legalized prostitution and graffiti everywhere. Im sure businesses will be flocking to b-town.

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