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Watercooler: 300 refugees headed to Rutland

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WCAXMore than 300 refugees planned for Rutland

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  1. Chronic shortages of housing and now baby formula and we invite more hungry mouths into our communities???

  2. Refugees or illegal immigrants?


    Watching television coverage of people crossing the border illegally at our southern border, I began to wonder: Where are they going?

    I was shocked to learn that the Biden administration refuses to tell the states and cities how many people they are sending – and who they are sending. Apparently, immigrants just get put on airplanes, buses, and trains and go off into America.

    We are learning that a substantial number of the people who have crossed the border illegally have COVID-19. McAllen, Texas, had to declare a state of emergency when 7,000 infected immigrants arrived there. So, the Biden government could send people with COVID-19 to your neighborhood and then refuses to tell you that it has put you at risk.

    Some of the illegal immigrants have gang connections, including members of the famous MS-13 El Salvadorian gang. Keep in mind, a 2020 Department of Justice report found that 74 percent of the MS-13 defendants in custody were here illegally. Under the wide-open Biden policy, they can be sent into your town without you knowing it.

    • Ann, all of the facts you cite ought to scare law-abiding, tax-paying Americans. However, those who promote our current border and immigration policies would simply call you
      a racist and walk away with a smug look on their face.

  3. The leftists will NOT stop until we are California. Violence, murder, mayhem, gangland wars, cartels, drug smugglers, needles everywhere!

    They want Venezuela and they want it now!!!

    …But Vermont relies on its tourist money for a major part of its revenue! LOL!!!

    And if you state YOU don’t want to live as those who live in Africa, the Middle East, South or Central America, Mexico, etc. do? – You are a “RACIST”!!!

    People that will NOT assimilate into the U.S. culture – do NOT belong here. Reality. Fact.

    And Pope Francis of the worldwide Catholic Church & leader of BILLIONS actually STATES that…the press just doesn’t print that portion of his statements on immigration.

  4. So…..in comes more rampant diseases such as Monkey Pox. Hooray!!!

    As if the China virus didn’t cull enough Americans………

  5. Rutland already has a severe housing shortage, drug issues, gang violence and the list goes on. Should we, perhaps, address these pressing problems before bringing hundreds of immigrants into the mix. Doesn’t seem fair to anyone involved.

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