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Water Cooler: will Rutland welcome Afghans? / Vets’ mental health resources / ‘homeless hotel’ conversion moves forward

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Publication Headline Published
WCAX Creemee celebration for Burlington officer’s retirement 9/8/2021 6:48 AM
Mountain Times Bill McKibben launches ‘Third Act’ to rally older Americans around climate change 9/8/2021 6:40 AM
Mountain Times Vermont seeks to resettle 100 Afghan refugees Will Rutland welcome some? 9/8/2021 6:50 AM
Mountain Times Goats in Tunbridge sickened after consuming toxic chemical below utility pole 9/8/2021 6:42 AM
WCAX Conversion of Berlin motel housing moving forward 9/8/2021 9:19 AM
WCAX Essex Police looking for dog owners following Indian Brook incident 9/8/2021 9:36 AM
NBC 5 Resources available in Vt for vets who are struggling with mental health 9/8/2021 7:11 PM
VT Digger Burlington trash haulers oppose city takeover of waste collection 9/8/2021 7:16 PM
Rutland Herald Auditor directs Vermonters to health care pricing tools 9/8/2021 5:16 PM
WCAX More positive COVID cases in Williston School Community 9/9/2021 4:37 AM
Fractals of Change There Was No Significant Change in the Number or Intensity of Hurricanes Hitting the Continental US Between 1900 and 2017! 9/9/2021 6:00 AM
VT Digger Why is Vermont changing its Covid-19 data days later? 9/9/2021 7:00 AM

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