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Water Cooler: UVMMC to put ICU beds in operating rooms / Burlington backs mask mandate / Homeless won’t vacate Burlington camp

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Publication Headline Published
WCAX As SCOTUS debates Miss. abortion law, Vt. to move ahead with constitutional amendment 12/1/2021 4:29 PM
WCAX Vt. Climate Council adopts Climate Action Plan 12/1/2021 6:24 PM
VT Digger Vermont Legal Aid sues on behalf of Vermonters denied jobless benefits 12/1/2021 6:12 PM
VT Digger UVM Medical Center plans to set up 5 ICU beds in operating rooms next week 12/1/2021 6:08 PM
Newport Dispatch Lost hiker’s son sends Vermont Search and Rescue special thank you 12/1/2021 6:32 PM
WCAX Vt. Climate Council adopts Climate Action Plan 12/1/2021 8:00 PM
Times Argus Vermont now eligible for federal broadband funding program 12/1/2021 2:12 PM
VT Digger Citing pandemic pressures, Vermont seeks a 1-year extension for its all-payer model 12/1/2021 8:34 PM
Seven Days

At Raucous Meeting, Burlington City Council Passes Mask Mandate

12/1/2021 10:38 PM
Times Argus Former Vermont health commissioner calls for mask mandate 12/2/2021 12:00 AM
WCAX Burlington homeless encampment still occupied even after eviction 12/2/2021 6:34 AM

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