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Water Cooler: “Squad” staffer runs for U.S. House / Woman punches with brass knuckles

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Seven Days

Essex Woman Launches Campaign for Vermont’s Lone U.S. House Seat

3/17/2022 4:33 PM
WCAX Students have mixed feelings about UVM going mask-optional 3/17/2022 6:04 PM
WCAX Vermont chef a finalist for James Beard Award 3/17/2022 6:11 PM
Seven Days

State Regulators Approve New Surgical Center — But Restrict Its Offerings

3/17/2022 7:33 PM
Seven Days

Pandemic Losses Spur NCAA to Set Up Captive Insurance in Vermont

3/17/2022 9:07 PM
Rutland Herald Woman accused of punching someone with brass knuckles 3/18/2022 12:00 AM
WCAX Hazardous materials found in Colchester 3/18/2022 2:05 AM
WCAX Police investigate more shots fired in Bennington 3/18/2022 2:11 AM
The Valley Reporter After two years State, school and local masking rules for COVID-19 end 3/18/2022 4:55 AM

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  1. Hmmm. Fascinating. The comments on the original article on the Rutland “woman “ beating up a woman with brass knuckles state that “Angela” is actually a guy who thinks he’s a woman and likes to beat on them . I’d have to say it would probably be somewhat unusual for a biological woman to shove someone’s head through the wall and beat them up with brass knuckles.

    The article states that “Angela “ was being held on charges. Wonder where; the woman’s jail?

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