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Water Cooler: Slave shackles sold at Rutland gun show, NAACP complains

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WCAX NAACP calls for policy review after shackles were sold at a Rutland gun show 8/18/2022 9:18 AM
WCAX Green Mountain Power staffed, despite labor shortages nationwide 8/18/2022 9:13 AM
WCAX Scott, Siegel offer contrasting views on spike in violence 8/18/2022 7:01 PM
WCAX First Vt. inmate to receive gender-affirming surgery 8/18/2022 6:39 PM
VT Digger Bystander injured in Burlington police shooting tweets, ‘I’m very lucky to be alive’ 8/18/2022 8:32 PM
VT Digger Former Montpelier man among 3 people charged in prison slaying of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger 8/18/2022 8:36 PM
VT Digger 50 years later, Tom Salmon revisits ‘the biggest political upset in Vermont history’ 8/19/2022 6:17 AM

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  1. Vermont had the highest per capita amount of troops in the Civil War. The Underground Railroad ran straight thru Vermont.

  2. Perhaps the NAACP should put more effort into stopping modern day slavery by speaking out against human trafficking that occurs every day and expose who is responsible for it. Perhaps the reason they don’t speak out is their funding is directly connected to human trafficking. I assume the contents of Hunter’s laptop, what happened at Epstien Island, or the Clinton Foundation (Haiti) is of no concern to them.

  3. Slavery was an unfortunate part of this nation’s (and many others’) history. To restrict the trade in historic memorabilia with a connection to it is a denial and burial of that history. Looking at a pair of shackles gives a visceral feel better than any book or PBS documentary can to convey the outrage of the practice of slavery. When we accept that a pair of shackles is an affront to political correctness and must not be traded then can firearms or rope be far off the list of “banned” triggering items?
    The NAACP needs to stop manufacturing racism.

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