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Water Cooler: Shortstaffed Burlington PD do best to protect and serve / when revival fires burned in Vermont

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WCAX Student protesters claim UVM silenced survivors of sexual assault 2/19/2022 3:40 PM
VT Digger Mark Bushnell: Religious revival took hold of Vermont in the early 1800s 2/20/2022 9:26 AM
The Valley Reporter Unstitched: Vermonter explores addiction in new memoir 2/20/2022 9:20 AM
VT Digger Bill Schubart: That Tim Newcomb political cartoon 2/20/2022 11:43 AM
VT Digger Vermont’s biggest ski jump hoped to honor its history. Then wild weather spun a dizzying new chapter. 2/20/2022 5:18 PM
NBC 5 To protect and serve while short-staffed: How Burlington police are operating with 65 officers 2/20/2022 7:07 PM
VT Digger Peter Comart: Company proposes outrageous 200-foot tower on pristine ridgeline 2/21/2022 2:00 AM
WCAX Alec Baldwin and family purchase a retreat in Vermont 2/21/2022 6:29 AM

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  1. Regarding the Burlington P.D. and short staffing. What would you expect from officers that believe in their mission’s goals, but are constantly being denied the ability to accomplish them because of deeply flawed political oversight, that is contrary to every principle they stand for ? God bless those that can put up with all the road blocks being thrown into their path, but can you blame those that are questioned, and/or vilified by the student council in this state’s biggest craphole when they decide that enough is enough, and move on ? I can’t.

  2. When the city leadership doesn’t have your six how can they expect you to do your job when they have your hands tied. I wouldn’t blame the officers if they all left for other depts who will appreciate them. The city council is going to reap what they sow, but in the mean time the city residents are paying the price. I pray the voters of Burlington will wake up and dump all the progressive idiots out of office come Election Day

  3. Its apparent that the Burlington City Council is firm in its belief to address the “root cause” of whatever the flavor of the day is. How many innocent victims is the City Council willing to sacrifice for the sake of nothing more than a social “fashion statement”. How many businesses are they willing to sacrifice? The Burlington PD will never recover from this asinine behavior from the City Council. You don’t become a Police Officer overnight. In my day we estimated 5 years and an Officer should be proficient in their job. Sergeant 5-7 years, Detective 5-7 years. With the exodus of Officers who is left to share their knowledge and experience to younger Officers?

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