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Water Cooler: / Quebec to fine unvaxxed / Burlesque festival on hold / tentative pension deal struck, teachers unhappy / Matthew Lyon owned slaves

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VT Digger Kurt Daims: Police reform has gone off track in Brattleboro 1/11/2022 8:12 AM
WCAX Vt. Burlesque Festival put on hold 1/11/2022 5:52 PM
WCAX Vt. teachers protest lawmakers’ proposed pension fix 1/11/2022 6:30 PM
WCAX Task force announces deal to fund Vt. employee, teacher pensions 1/11/2022 6:26 PM
Seven Days

Database Reveals Famed Vermont Historic Figure Was a Slaveowner

1/11/2022 6:18 PM
Seven Days

Vermont Officials Defend New COVID-19 Guidance for Schools

1/11/2022 10:49 PM
Rutland Herald Man gets probation in elder abuse case 1/12/2022 12:00 AM
Rutland Herald Board votes to reinstate ‘Raiders’ 1/12/2022 12:05 AM
WCAX Quebec to force unvaccinated to pay financial penalty 1/12/2022 6:39 AM

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