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Water Cooler: No free lunch in Brattleboro, NH birds euthanized due to avian flu

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Publication Headline Published
VT Digger Brattleboro Town Meeting rejects tax-funded lunch as it eats up 12 hours online 3/20/2022 1:35 PM
WCAX Deadly start to 2022 on Vermont’s roads 3/20/2022 11:27 PM
WCAX Birds at NH animal sanctuary euthanized due to avian flu 3/21/2022 6:23 AM
The Valley Reporter Affordable housing programs receive $175,000 grant for pilot project 3/21/2022 7:00 AM
Seven Days

Longtime COTS Leader Rita Markley Announces Upcoming Retirement

3/21/2022 4:15 PM
NBC 5 Barre police request assistance in identifying suspected hit-and-run vehicle 3/21/2022 5:18 PM
WCAX Man wanted in Vermont arrested after chase, shooting in Massachusetts 3/21/2022 5:55 PM

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  1. Avian Flu. Unfortunately WCAX, like many Vermont news sources , are incompetent and lazy.
    There are MILLIONS of birds now euthanized just in Iowa
    MOre in SD https://listen.sdpb.org/business-economics/2022-03-18/85-000-birds-euthanized-as-south-dakota-sees-first-avian-flu-outbreak-since-2015
    Millions in other states not even listed yet.

    This is NOT a blip event that you give 10 seconds to.

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