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Water Cooler: Meeting agenda: keep the trucks OUT of the Notch

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WCAX Campaign Countdown: Can GOP dent Dem’s Statehouse supermajority? 11/1/2022 6:31 PM
WCAX Burlington City Council votes unanimously to move forward with CityPlace 11/1/2022 10:03 PM
WCAX Cannabis in the classroom teaches students about industry 11/2/2022 8:23 AM
WCAX Community meeting to keep trucks out of the Notch 11/2/2022 8:23 AM

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  1. Proud truck driver -“If I can back this truck into a Manhatten alley,
    then certainly I can drive this truck over some jerk way mountain road!!!

    $$$$$$$ towing, and $$$$$ fine!

    • A small traffic circle with a very tight exit on the mountain side bounded by tall jersey barriers would allow cars, trucks and smaller box trucks up the road but would be a barrier for tractor trailers. The circle would be a good place to put signs forbidding trucks as well.

      It would be even cheaper to put a simple barrier over the road that was too short for most tractor trailers to go under. Most truckers have a fear of getting caught under low clearances.

      A pull off with a large LOW CLEARANCE sign would eliminate most big rigs long before a barrier.

  2. How about $50,000 fines?? Stop with the inane roundabouts because the feds say so!! They could put height barriers up with cameras that could measure their length. There are no signs on the Cambridge side but there are plenty on the Stowe side. Signs can be in english french spanish and pig latin!! I don’t care about the aesthetics of it at all. I care about the time police and tow truck drivers are stuck getting the idiots unstuck at taxpayers expense. I was following my GPS does not cut it. At all!

  3. It would seem to me that there is a simple solution. Make the notch a toll road. Have a turn around for tractor trailers and make them go back. Also fine them, the driver and the company. The locals won’t mind a toll.