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Water Cooler: if hit the covered bridge, it’ll cost you / Scott: no return to 2020 lockdown / Minimum wage up / Nursing crisis discussed

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WCAX Vt. Fish & Wildlife hosting free ice fishing lessons 1/2/2022 9:12 AM
VT Digger Which pieces of the Climate Action Plan will lawmakers take up this session? 1/2/2022 12:17 PM
VT Digger Lyndon triples fines for covered bridge collisions 1/2/2022 1:48 PM
WCAX Burlington man wanted for attempted murder 1/2/2022 7:54 PM
NBC 5 Vermont schools expect changes inside and outside of the classroom as COVID-19 pandemic evolves 1/3/2022 6:13 AM
True North Reports Gov. Scott: Vermont won’t have to fall back on 2020 COVID-19 initiatives 1/3/2022 6:50 AM
WCAX New year, new minimum wage in Vermont 1/3/2022 7:34 AM
WCAX Sen. Sanders and state leaders to discuss nursing workforce crisis 1/3/2022 7:45 AM

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  1. A question re the nursing shortage – any relationship to the Dartmouth Hitchcock system’s
    vaccine mandate?

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