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Water Cooler: Hardwick man pleads guilty to assaulting trooper with excavator

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WCAX Seventh Generation to provide funding for curriculum on Vt. native tribes 9/14/2022 6:28 PM
WCAX Hardwick man pleads guilty to trooper excavator assault 9/14/2022 6:20 PM
WCAX PSA campaign urges veterans in crisis to seek support 9/14/2022 6:51 PM
WCAX Stolen “Champy” sign reinstalled 9/14/2022 7:49 PM
NBC 5 Burlington cannabis subcommittee begins reviewing retailer, cultivator applications 9/14/2022 11:17 PM
WCAX Transportation Agency discusses new rules for EV’s and low emission cars 9/14/2022 11:38 PM
WCAX State asks families to ‘fill out the form’ for free school lunches 9/14/2022 11:35 PM
WCAX Rutland hospital celebrates newly renovated psychiatric unit 9/14/2022 11:44 PM
NBC 5 Safety concerns raised about the St. Albans parking garage 9/15/2022 1:36 AM
VT Digger Andrew Gentile: The risky choice of keeping a gun for self-defense 9/15/2022 7:10 AM

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  1. Regarding the commentary “The risky choice of keeping a gun for self-defense” for someone who claims to be a gun owner, Mr Andrew Gentile seems to have a pretty good argument against anybody (except him) for owning one. He quoted every anti-gun advocate’s talking points. A sheep (le) in wolves clothing.

  2. Two sentences prove just how nonsensical Gentile’s argument is ;
    ” Females are more at risk of being killed in their homes than on the street.
    If you are female why would you want a loaded gun in your home ? ”

    Well Mr. Gentile, anyone capable of cognitive thought realizes that if a female is at a greater risk in her home, it should obviously be a place where she is prepared to defend herself.

    Not the only hole in his senseless tirade though, just the most glaring.

    Myself, my family and the people that I train ( mostly female ) to protect themselves are mentally and physically prepared.
    No one I know including myself would ever want to be involved in a Self Defense shooting. Citing statistics about how remote the possibility of a self defense shooting would be does nothing to recognize the ability of a 100 pound Woman or Girl to be able to defend herself against an attacker three times her size.
    The point is don’t be a victim, the point is to survive an attack.
    A properly trained person, Male, Female, Large or Small can instantly end a threat against themselves or their family. Even against multiple attackers.
    Your rant would make victims instead of survivors.
    Please let me know when your article on convincing criminals to give up their guns is coming out.
    FYI, the average response time for a 9 1 1 call is twenty minutes. In Vermont it can be hours. Plan accordingly.