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Water Cooler: Exodus from Burlington Racial Equity Office / Winooski 100 years old / Homeless funding extended

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Seven Days

Three Managers to Resign From Burlington’s Racial Equity Office

3/9/2022 2:45 PM
WCAX Omnibus spending bill contains millions for Vt. programs 3/9/2022 4:17 PM
WCAX Winooski kicks off centennial celebrations 3/9/2022 4:21 PM
WCAX Bill would extend homeless hotel funding through June 3/9/2022 4:21 PM
WCAX 2 groups announce plans to expand broadband internet in Vermont 3/9/2022 5:28 PM
WCAX How students are dealing with Middlebury College’s biggest COVID outbreak 3/9/2022 5:46 PM
WCAX House Impossible: How the real estate rush pushed homeownership out of reach for many Vermonters 3/9/2022 5:48 PM
Seven Days

UVM Medical Center to Help Build Apartment Complex for Employees

3/9/2022 5:36 PM
WCAX Diesel price spike expected to impact construction season 3/9/2022 6:24 PM
WCAX Great strides in treating COVID made over course of pandemic 3/9/2022 6:23 PM
WCAX Questions remain about Burlington mayor’s homeless housing pod plan 3/9/2022 6:21 PM
Mountain Times Longtime Select Board members ousted on Town Meeting 3/9/2022 6:37 PM
NBC 5 Richford native honored as Vermont’s Mother of the Year 3/9/2022 7:44 PM
Seven Days

Parkway Diner in South Burlington to Reopen Under New Ownership

3/9/2022 7:08 PM

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