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Water Cooler: court to rule on non-citizen voting

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WCAX Body found after Colchester mobile home fire 10/26/2022 9:46 AM
Seven Days

Cannabis Shops Are Sprouting Like Weeds in Burlington

10/26/2022 6:06 PM
NBC 5 Vermont students attend class in an old Macy’s while voters decide whether to fund new building 10/26/2022 7:32 PM
VT Digger Alleged mastermind of kidnap-for-drug-debt case arrested, charged 10/26/2022 7:19 PM
NBC 5 LIVE: Becca Balint, Liam Madden face off in Vermont US House debate 10/26/2022 8:10 PM
WCAX Lawsuit targets Vt. sheriff’s dept., off-duty deputy convicted of road rage 10/26/2022 11:27 PM
WCAX Was locking into an oil contract the right call? It’s too soon to tell 10/26/2022 11:50 PM
WCAX Vt. high court to rule on noncitizen voting 10/26/2022 11:34 PM
WCAX Police investigating a shooting in Bennington 10/27/2022 1:05 AM
WCAX Vt. US Senate candidates debate on WCAX 10/27/2022 1:03 AM
VT Digger Lucy Leriche: Planned Parenthood supports Prop 5 10/27/2022 7:01 AM
VT Digger Marcia Hildebrand: The day I had an abortion was the saddest day of my life 10/27/2022 7:07 AM
WCAX Construction has started on affordable housing in Bristol, Vt. 10/27/2022 7:48 AM
NBC 5 The Powerball jackpot climbed to $800 million after no ticket matched all winning numbers in Wednesday’s drawing 10/27/2022 7:41 AM
WCAX People are rolling up to this years Wheels for Warmth 10/27/2022 7:57 AM

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  1. You have got to be kidding me. Why should non citizens be allowed to alter the resident choices?? It is totally insane, with no logic to support it.

  2. If non citizens are allowed to vote , I should be allowed to vote in all the towns where I own property. I have to pay taxes in towns where I own property but I”m not allowed to vote on their school budgets. This is taxation without representation.

      • If not a citizens of the USA, you should not be able to vote on local, federal and even dog catcher. It’s in our constitution. What if the 2.5 million who crossed illegally into the US were allowed to vote? Would you be okay with that?

        And, what else is the VT Supreme court looking at. Shouldn’t they be striking the illegal gun laws passed in 2018 based on the recent US Supreme court decision striking down the the community safety standard used by the same court here to rule these laws could stand? Gun control laws do not work. If they did we wouldn’t be seeing felons all over the country and in Vermont carrying and using illegal guns. Taking them from law abiding people is a slap in the face while criminal roam free, criminals who could care less about laws. That’s why they call them criminals.

  3. This has already been decided in by a court in a lawsuit against the Town of Victory allowing non residents to vote on the basis that they owned property there. It was determined by the court that this was need legal and those voters were removed from the Grand List! These non-residents did affect the results of the election. I think the court would rule the same against any non Citizen voting.

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