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Water Cooler: Closed border hurts tourism / Pot industry eyes cheap power in NY / For Burlington school funding, race matters / Cyanobacteria blooms

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WCAX Are Vermont schools too understaffed to test students for COVID? 10/4/2021 6:17 PM
WCAX Border closure cutting into Vermont’s tourist traffic 10/4/2021 6:26 PM
WCAX Taxis, ride-sharing services in short supply in Burlington area 10/4/2021 6:25 PM
WCAX Cheap power has recreational marijuana industry eyeing Plattsburgh 10/4/2021 7:37 PM
VT Digger In Fair Haven, a dog park sits empty despite fundraising campaign by pooch mayor 10/4/2021 7:55 PM
Seven Days

Slideshow: Buddy Walk Celebrates People With Down Syndrome as ‘More Alike Than Different’

10/4/2021 2:58 PM
Times Argus Vermont school kids get to name state plow trucks this winter 10/4/2021 5:28 PM
WCAX Vermont family asks for public’s help to find missing mother 10/4/2021 9:49 PM
NBC 5 Burlington School District to implement equitable budgeting model 10/4/2021 11:23 PM
Seven Days

St. Albans Family Frustrated After School Investigation Into Racist Meme Sputters

10/4/2021 11:49 PM
WCAX New parking lot hopes to help with traffic at Lake Willoughby 10/5/2021 6:00 AM
WCAX Snowboarding to be featured on Vermont $1 coin 10/5/2021 6:15 AM
NBC 5 Vermont businesses turn to incentives to help solve staff shortages 10/5/2021 6:45 AM
NBC 5 Weekend Rally for Reproductive Freedom 10/5/2021 7:16 AM
WCAX Burlington still seeing reports of cyanobacteria blooms in October 10/5/2021 7:46 AM

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