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Water Cooler: Check your Powerball ticket! / Flying spiders / strange sea creatures / Movie theater reopens

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WCAX Vt. $366M Powerball jackpot winner has yet to step forward 7/21/2022 5:04 PM
NBC 5 ‘We’re stumped’: Unidentified sea creature shows up along North Carolina beach 7/21/2022 5:11 PM
Times Argus Cape Air cancels flights from Rutland to Boston until next week 7/21/2022 2:22 PM
NBC 5 No word from Land Air over reports of mass layoffs 7/21/2022 5:53 PM
WCAX Burlington graffiti cleaners try to keep up with taggers 7/21/2022 5:59 PM
WCAX Palace 9 welcomes moviegoers after long pause 7/21/2022 5:59 PM
NBC 5 Big, flying spiders have arrived in the US. Here’s where they’re showing up 7/21/2022 6:35 PM
VT Digger A technocrat, an activist and a lawmaker: Those are the choices for voters in Vermont’s Democratic primary for secretary of state 7/21/2022 6:33 PM
WCAX Injured driver possibly trapped for up to 12 hours after I-89 crash 7/21/2022 6:23 PM
NBC 5 Thousands of Vermonters could save on Internet bill, thanks to federal program 7/21/2022 6:56 PM
NBC 5 CVS seeks verification on drugs with possible abortion use 7/21/2022 6:56 PM
VT Digger After failing to comply with court orders, Slate Ridge owner may face heavy fines and jail time 7/21/2022 7:03 PM
VT Digger Texas woman denies killing Vermont cycling star as her attorneys push for quick murder trial 7/21/2022 7:07 PM
NBC 5 No sign of Jimmy Hoffa under New Jersey bridge, FBI says 7/21/2022 8:12 PM
NBC 5 YouTube to start removing misinformation related to abortion 7/21/2022 9:30 PM
WCAX Community partners host ‘Hate-Free Vermont’ forum 7/21/2022 11:29 PM

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  1. Does anyone know how much the income tax would be on these winnings? Vermont always has their hands in our pockets.