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Water Cooler: Canada to drop vax requirement

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Publication Headline Published
VT Digger Brattleboro EMS takeover, projected to save money, drains expected surplus 9/20/2022 10:23 PM
NBC 5 National average price of gas rises for the first time in 99 days 9/21/2022 6:40 AM
WCAX Vermont Health Department releases data on school lead pipe testing 9/21/2022 8:53 AM
WCAX Rutland woman dies after Monday crash 9/21/2022 8:43 AM
WCAX Canada to drop vaccine requirement at end of month 9/21/2022 8:41 AM
WCAX South Burlington man walking to fix democracy 9/21/2022 8:51 AM

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  1. After what Canada has done, i’ll never go back. Dictator Trudeau is still speaking the same WEF garbage. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if uninjected people like myself mysteriously disappeared in Canada much like the Uighurs in China.

  2. I’ll still never visit Canada again till they get on their knees and apologize to all they have wronged with their authoritarian vax policies. The same holds true for all the vax mandate entertainment and other venues here in VT!