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Water Cooler: Burlington cops say bonuses not enough / fake pills contain fentanyl / school masking extended / Shumlin officials targeted in EB-5 scandal probe

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NBC 5 Burlington police union says retention bonuses ‘not enough to inspire officers to stay’ 9/28/2021 5:57 PM
NBC 5 DEA warns of increase in fake prescription pills containing fentanyl and meth 9/28/2021 6:00 PM
Seven Days

Unemployed Vermonters Won’t Get $25 Supplements — at Least Not This Year

9/28/2021 6:08 PM
WCAX Homeless, advocates call on Vermont leaders to extend hotel housing program 9/28/2021 6:55 PM
VT Digger Vermont extends masking in schools, will roll out new testing programs 9/28/2021 8:02 PM
VT Digger Marlboro campus sale to music school is finalized 9/28/2021 8:23 PM
VT Digger Hundreds turn out for Winooski High soccer game after superintendent says team faced racist abuse 9/28/2021 10:15 PM
VT Digger Burlington Police Commission requests summit to create mental health care system 9/28/2021 11:00 PM
WCAX Corn spills onto St. Albans roadway 9/29/2021 12:01 AM
WCAX Documents point fingers at Shumlin administration officials in Kingdom Con 9/29/2021 12:02 AM
WCAX Rutland Town selectman censured following comments online 9/29/2021 6:38 AM
WCAX 125 guns collected at no-questions-asked buyback in Plattsburgh 9/29/2021 6:21 AM
WCAX Vermont’s lieutenant governor wraps up statewide tour 9/29/2021 7:04 AM
VT Digger Labor commissioner blames Legislature for failure of unemployment benefit 9/29/2021 7:00 AM
WCAX Board votes to change Rutland Raiders to the Ravens 9/29/2021 7:31 AM

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  1. On the Marlboro “college” purchase


    plus , the VTdigger article shows the former CEO of the non-profit as “arrested” for wire fraud etc.


    So, from link 1, we just PAID over 312,000 to a defunct school where the CEO was arrested the month AFTER the government approved the loan.

    PLUS, Seth, is a former Obama administration employee

    What can we DO!??!

  2. Guess they thought they could buy the officers for money? Officers are not stupid they know they still don’t have the support of the council having their SIX,so who would want to work where they aren’t wanted

  3. I’m just LOVING this! Way to go, officers!!! I just wish the remaining officers would ALL walk…..it would be awesome to see radicals like Max Tracey running pursuit in Birkenstocks grasping for his water pistol. These people have no sense of reality to the point where I would ordinarily feel sorry for them; instead I am anticipating the highly likely scenario that people will be seriously injured or killed due to their NEGLIGENCE and their spineless decision to kowtow to a group of radicalized children last year.

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