Public school vax clinics to open

UVM mandates wearing masks indoors

by Guy Page

New walk-in vaccination clinics that will be open at many schools across Vermont next week. They are open to adults and students, however students must show parental permission. Also, the University of Vermont will require all students and staff to wear masks indoors.

“As the school year approaches, we want as many eligible Vermont students as possible to get vaccinated,” said Governor Scott. “That’s why we’re setting up more school-based vaccine clinics for students and their families. These clinics are open, not only to our students, but to anyone who needs to get their shot.”

Parental permission is required for students to get the shot, Scott’s press secretary Jason Maulucci confirmed this morning.

The onsite clinics are part of a strategy for schools to reach 80% vaccination of eligible (12 and over) students. The Vermont Agency of Education earlier this week announced recommended guidelines that all schools:

  1. require all students and staff to wear masks during the first few weeks of school
  2. allow all but unvaccinated students and staff to remove masks once the 80% eligible-student target has been reached.
  3. require all unvaccinated students to be masked even once the 80% target is reached.

Because the State of Emergency has been lifted, the State has no authority to require local school districts to impose a mask policy. School boards for each school district will take the state recommendation under advisement and make their own decision.

For the second year in a row, home schooling is becoming a popular option, WCAX reported Tuesday. Last year a record 5,404 children were home schooled, compared to 80,000 students in public schools. To date 1,848 have enrolled in home study. By late July last year there were about 1600 declared home schoolers.

School-based vaccination clinics will be available throughout the state into the fall. The schedule for the clinics available next week is outlined below. The hours for these clinics can be found at the Department of Health’s website: Please check back for details as more clinics are added.

To date, no Vermonter under the age of 30 has died of Covid-19. Vermont has an overall vaccination rate of about 85%.

UVM mask mandate – UVM Provost Patricia Prelock notified UVM staff, faculty, visitors and students yesterday they must wear masks indoors. She also repeated the requirement that students be vaccinated and said UVM “expects” all staff and faculty to be vaccinated as well. The following is an excerpt:

Masks Required Indoors: Effective immediately, all faculty, staff, students, and visitors are required to wear a mask or face covering indoors. UVM has developed helpful information and guidance on wearing masks. We will continue to monitor the rate of cases on campus, in Vermont, and across the region and will adjust this requirement if conditions warrant.

Vaccinations: Based on strong support from our faculty and staff, we expect everyone on the UVM campus—faculty, staff, students, and visitors—to be vaccinated. Vaccination is required for students to register unless granted an exemption.

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  1. With all the school shootings that required metal detectors and police at our schools, we are really going to open the doors to the public to get vaxed. The hypocrisy, double standard, stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Never give up people – pressure is on – our kids are worth fighting for as well as each other – where are you?

    They may have their marching orders, but the cavalry is organized, been preparing for a very long time and the countdown is now moving forward. God wins and so will those who get up and take a stand – it’s more than words people!

    Mandates are not laws…
    Rights are being trampled…
    Laws are being broken…

    It is going to be Biblical!

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