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  1. The SPENDOCRAT TICKS are about to SUCK all they Can from US the VERMONT TAXPAYER. They NEED a GOOD DOSE of VOTER KICKEM OUT!!!

  2. Hmmmm….. Interesting for sure but I’d prefer a direct message more easily interpreted by “on the fence” type Vermonters. Don’t anyone hate on me, it’s just my personal opinion.

    • I agree Alan….I just purchased two shirts from him & saw this one & actually didn’t “get it” myself. Perhaps a blood sucking leech might have been a better choice….difficult to draw though.

  3. As a pet owner (large and small) I certainly see the correlation. It’s no small matter when you or your pet have one or more of these ugly and of course (thanks to man made manipulation) often infected with Lyme disease (imagine government as an infection) hooked on and growing on your face, as well as other places I will not mention here. Strategic removal imperative and then to the Vet to make sure it isn’t a poison one offering years of medical issues if not treated. Yep I can see what John means all right. Need to get me a shirt!!

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