Volunteer activist Scott Presler joins Norquist, Scott Brown at GOP convention Nov. 18

Nationally recognized volunteer activist Scott Presler has joined the growing list of speakers at the full-day GOP State Convention Saturday, November 18 at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Burlington.

Scott Presler (@ScottPresler) is a leading volunteer and activist who has traveled the country helping Republican candidates and local parties build the volunteer base needed to be competitive and win.

Presler was a major contributor in the voter registration drive that helped the state of Florida completely flip from a Democrat to a Republican majority among registered voters. He was also on the ground this year canvassing in Louisiana to help Jeff Landry, the Republican candidate for Governor win his election early with an outright win of 51% and avoided a run off election.

”I’m excited to have Scott join us in Vermont,” said VT Chairman Paul Dame. “He is one of the hardest working Republican volunteers in the country right now. He is going to bring some experience, perspective and energy that our party members need to hear in order to get ready for the 2024 elections. He has been a huge advocate for early voting, and area Republicans have fallen behind on after COVID, and that message has helped Republicans to win some races and begin to close the gap in others.”

Also speaking is Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform. Former U.S. Senator from New Hampshire and Ambassador to New Zealand Scott Brown will be a guest along with his band.

Grover Norquist (Twitter: @GroverNorquist) is president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), a taxpayer advocacy group he founded in 1985 at President Reagan’s request. ATR works to limit the size and cost of government and opposes higher taxes at the federal, state, and local levels and supports tax reform that moves towards taxing consumed income one time at one rate.

Ambassador Brown first rose to national fame when he became the first Republican in 30 years to represent the state of Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate after the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy. When congress was considering a massive overhaul of the healthcare system, Sen. Brown’s win in a special election changed the trajectory of the Affordable Care Act.

Later in 2017 Brown was appointed by the President to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand, where he became one of the longest tenured ambassadors of the Trump administration.

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  1. “He has been a huge advocate for early voting, and area Republicans have fallen behind on after COVID, and that message has helped Republicans to win some races and begin to close the gap in others.”

    Gotta stop it right there.

    Vote on voting day.

    Lastly it seems in every article about Dame in his quotes there are spelling or grammar errors? *an area* Is this Dame or just a coincidence?

    • Just so I understand, a person can’t advocate for a better America unless they have a degree in english lit?

  2. Scott Presler, from listening to him speak, is not an establishment dummy. I’m sure he is aware of the political shenanigans going on in Vermont. He will give it a go to motivate the crowd, but the dead-eyed, empty suit establishment will fail to act on any of it. The platitude pandering works just fine for them. The conservative star-studded line up is pretty much putting lip-stick on the VTGOP pig.

  3. It is obvious to many of us who are aware of the VT “political shenanigans” as stated by Melissa above, that the present VT GOP Leadership has purposefully filled the day scheduled for the Vermont State GOP Biannual Reorganization with a carnival atmosphere of varied distractions?

    When did the membership of the VT State GOP Committee vote to make this day a “Convention” every two years? Why has the actual reorganizational meeting where VT State Party GOP Officers will be elected for the next two years, become a sideshow that is being squeezed into the many activities planned for the day?

    Having ALL of the VT State GOP County Voting Delegates come together to Elect State GOP Officers should be taken more seriously and given the time and attention it deserves. Why is the VT State GOP Committee Membership allowing anything different?

  4. I think it’s so sad when folks can’t get excited for new energy and new ideas to enter into the party. It’s this type of exclusionist attitude that is killing the Republican party here in Vermont. Plenty of us ‘younger folks’ want to be involved and want to see Vermont Republicans in office, but when faced with negativity from OUR OWN PARTY we just shrug and give up. Republicans are fleeing this state left and right and yet rather than coming together to support what few of us are left, some of us turn toward attacking our own kind.

    • Speaking of new energy and new ideas, when I stated to a few entrenched GOP faithful that nothing in this State will change unless the fraud and corruption is addressed, there was zero response, zero head nodding in the affirmative – they simply slithered away. I remain independent due to the fake, empty suit, liars, panderers, and frauds running the show.

    • Dear Nichole,

      So glad to read that as a “younger folk” you say you want to be involved in the Republican Party in Vermont. Please help us “older folk” to better understand.

      1.) Why do you want to be involved in the Republican Party of Vermont?
      2.) How would you define a Vermont Republican?
      3.) How do you specifically define “new energy and new ideas?”
      4.) How do you define an “exclusionist attitude?”
      5.) Should there be any foundational beliefs Vermont Republicans unite under?

      Thank you. I appreciate your time and will look for your answers.

      • Honestly, I have nothing to hide and will happily have this conversation with a person, but you’re only serving to reinforce my point. Why does a person have to prove themselves to be Republican enough to work for the party? Who are you vtbeliever to decide what a real Republican looks like?

      • Dear Nicole,

        There are choices of different Political Parties in Vermont right? I didn’t ask you to “prove yourself.” I asked for your views/beliefs for the purpose of understanding. Maybe if I ask my questions in a different way?

        1.) Why do you want to be involved in the Republican Party of Vermont
        verses the Democrat or Progressive Parties of Vermont?
        2.) How is the definition of a Vermont Republican different than the
        definition of a Vermont Democrat or Progressive?
        3.) How do you specifically define what you call “new energy/new ideas?”
        4.) What is your definition of an “exclusionist attitude?”
        5.) Should there be some foundational beliefs that unite those who
        Republican in Vermont?

        Thank you. I will look for your answers.

    • Nichole Loati, the VT Republican Platform is intended to unify the party, just as the VT Democrat platform unifies the Democrat party. Have you read and do you agree with the Republican Party platform? That is the litmus test for whether you are a true Republican. We do not have an “exclusionary” party. In fact it is “big tent” under Paul Dame, allowing the likes of Liam Madden, who experiments with sexually stimulating plants through meditation, and who had self-professed to NOT be a Republican, running under the Republican ticket in 2022, making the VTGOP a laughingstock. Unifying under the party platform would be a refreshing change. And no, one does not need a degree in English lit to write, but proficiency in the English language and use of an editor feature is helpful for effective communication.

      • I will readily agree that the Liam Madden debacle was awful. My understanding is that the party had no choice but to endorse/back his campaign after he won the primary. I could be wrong here. I’m a lifelong Republican but only a year into actually participating actively in the party and I don’t know all the rules.

        No system is going to be perfect. I agree with the premise of a great big umbrella, because it enables folks who want the Republican platform to succeed but who may not agree on some finer points, such as abortion rights, foreign policy, Trump, etc to come together and work toward what we ALL have in common: personal liberty, economic freedom and responsibility, safe communities, quality education and affordable health care. The PARTY isn’t exclusionary. I didn’t say it was. PEOPLE can be exclusionary. In my district I ran for state rep last year. I am pro-choice and my running-mate is pro-life. This was the only point he and I differed on, though we got along great and were both very supportive of each other’s campaigns. Despite ample backing from local businesses and the most donation money raised in our county, I procured half the votes my running mate did.

        What does that tell us? Well, it tells me that roughly half the voting Republicans in this district chose to give their vote to a Democrat versus voting for a Republican who happens to be pro-choice. I deem that exclusionary, and frankly, stupid, considering the two Democrats who won were BOTH pro-choice, as well as pro-tax, pro-equity, pro-public assistance, pro-CRT, pro-global warming solutions act, and on and on and on. That is how I define exclusionary. When you choose to not work with someone who wants the same end goals you do, because you disagree with them on one or two particular issues, you’re being exclusionist. I met Paul Dame last year, but I’ve only really known Paul Dame for about three months. We’re working together closely on planning this convention on Saturday. Is it perfect? No. Could we have done better? Yes. We’re literally 3-4 people who have set aside our regular jobs and our families to give everything we have toward making this an amazing experience for all Vermont Republicans.

        I was texting with Paul this morning. He sent an email last night at 1:13 in the morning. I was texting with him at 6:20 this morning to congratulate him on an exceptionally written email (no typos!) He had to go because he needs to be in class to teach high school Algebra at 8am, despite less than 5 hours of sleep. When he finishes teaching at 10am he will head to his office where he works full time in finance. But rather than serving his clients he’ll mostly be on the phone with legislators, health care workers, press and volunteers trying to get everything lined up for Saturday. Folks sit around and bitch that he “isn’t taking the elections seriously” and they have no concept of the dedication he has toward making this happen.

        Y’all can argue with me and demand answers to inane questions all you want. I’m busy trying to help the Vermont GOP. I’m going to continue to call our state delegates and urge them to attend the event. I’m going to receive an earful here and there from folks who think this plan is stupid but who are not willing to do any work to help the cause. It’s ok, I have thick skin. I see volunteers like me getting ground down from this key-board warrior BS, and then they give up. Party volunteers are leaving the state in droves. My own committee said goodbye to three volunteers this year. But ya’ll just do your thing. You keep arguing and telling hardworking volunteers how wrong and stupid we are. How you know better, despite the fact that you aren’t actually willing to DO anything to help. And by the way, being on a committee isn’t helping if you aren’t actively participating. Trust me, as chair of my County Committee I can log in and SEE how many of my members are actually opening and reading my emails, clicking the links for more info, downloading the forms I’m asking them to distribute. It’s BAD. Putting your name on a piece of paper that says you’re a member isn’t the same as BEING a member.

  5. Sadly, all of this is reminding me why I am no longer involved with the Vt. GOP. I do wonder if there is anyone, besides Dame, running for the leadership position. Just curious.

    • Dear Gail,

      We encourage you and/or anyone else to show up this coming Saturday, November 18th to the GOP Reorganizational Meeting and nominate yourself or someone else to be the new Vermont State GOP Chair.

      According to the Bylaws, you don’t have to be a member to be a nominee. Come one, come all!

  6. Vermont republicans will have a grand old party someday when republicans stand strong for republican principles. Thankfully there is a remnant.