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Paul Dame staves off challenge from the right, re-elected GOP state chair

Newcomers named to key state posts

VTGOP State Chairman Paul Dame was successfully re-elected at the Vermont Republican State Convention this weekend, despite a late challenge from former U.S. congressional candidate Anya Tynio.

“I hadn’t heard anything about a challenge until Friday morning, so I wasn’t too worried,” said Dame. “Most of my efforts the past few weeks went in to ensuring that the rest of the day’s program went smoothly and our team was prepared to welcome the roughly 200 guests that joined us throughout the day.”

Tynio, who had established herself as a loyal Trump supporter and critic of Governor Phil Scott dring her 2022 campaign adopted a more moderate tone in her candidate speech, promising to work with moderates if elected to leadership.

The elections were held at the end of a full day of training for party leaders coupled with multiple policy panels moderated by Republican legislators in the House and Senate.

”Having a chance to hear from and interact with our elected legislators was a really good idea,” one attnedee said. “It gave them a significant role and gave us a chance to appreciate what they deal with all the time. I hope we can keep that element going forward.”

In addition to raising the profile of Vermont legislators, the event also brought in some nationally recognized figues, such as Grover Norquist, of American for Tax Reform, Former U.S. Senator from Massachusetts Scott Brown, Republican voter registration activist Scott Presler and Georgia State Rep. Mesha Mainor.

Other changes in state party leadership included the retirement of long-time secretary Deb Ricker, who had been the logest-serving member of the committee with nearly a decade of experience. Dan Feliciano was un-opposed in his effort to fill the role. Vice Chair Samantha Lefebvre, Treasurer Deb Billado & Assistant Treasurer Tom Koch all won their re-elections unopposed.

Franklin County Chair Joe Luneau was elected to one of the two additional seats on the state executive committee. Luneau stepped down from his role of Chair of Chairs which went to a new comer and young Republican Josh Bechhoefer from Cornwall.

The second seat on the executive committee went to another first-time participant, Dr. August Murray of Weathersfield. August grew up in southern Vermont, is a graduate of Norwich University and a retired U.S. Army Colonel. He now runs a family farm producing local beef and chickens.

“I am energized by the new people we brought in Saturday,” said chairman Dame. “I think we have some great people who really want to work together with the party and move us forward in being more competative in 2024.”

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    • Perhaps indirectly or discreetly, considering the track record and ineffectiveness.

      • Perhaps. Perhaps not. Hopefully someone in the VT GOP will answer the question.

    • Every chair is different. Some have been paid and some not. It’s a decision
      made by the executive board. The current chair is authorized to be paid but
      often does not take anything per month.

      • How much? How often? Good Lord…. yet another obtuse nondenial denial. A typical VT GOP narrative – from a typical VT GOP operative. When will you folks ever learn – “A half-truth is a whole lie.”

  1. Whay does the title reference competition from the right? Is there any other type of Republican or is this term now synonymous with Trump supporters?

  2. Same ol’ same ol’. A Republican couldn’t be elected dog catcher in this state with this clown running the party.

  3. We are very much adrift. Not sure what is instore, but there was no discussion about why we should have Paul Dame as leader of the VTGOP

    Our governor has not lead the VTGOP, they didn’t even have a voting check list for Republican voters in the Washington County GOP at the last meeting I went to. Now, surely the Governor has the list, he’s anything but a good campaigner. Dame is the leader of the VTGOP…so this falls upon his shoulders too.

    What are his fruits within the party? While I vehemently disagree with him on many, many grounds, he could have at least made his home county, of which the capital is in, look like him? Surely there are voters of his mind set within the county, just one county. Did this happen?

    For managing complex change we need the following:

    Vision without vision we have confusion
    Skills without skills we have anxiety
    Incentives without Incentives we have gradual change
    Resources without resources we have frustration
    Action Plan, without action plan we have a false start

    from the symptoms any man on the street can determine what needs attention within a party of leadership. Even a child would know that losing for 30 years in a row is not a winning strategy, so what is the change in plans? Dems bad Repub good? Keep us fighting and losing for yet another election season, where by the whole thing is orchestrated by the marxists in control?

    We need to understand the ground upon which we play, of our self and our adversary, so we can live another day (SunTzu). Perhaps the best understanding is bigger picture, if you are on the side of Truth and Love, not questing for power and money you will have the hearts of the people. Loving your neighbor is the Kryptonite of Marxist mentality, they can only win with division, deceit and destroying things….it’s all because their lead organizers are headed in the wrong direction.

    We have a spiritual issue.

    Our main issues for Vermonter because of that

    Affordability, Drugs, Schools (funding and lessons)

    A person, family or state cannot succeed upon lies and corruption. They go against all known systems, free press, the environment, free speech, economics, God, science, history, political, health and families.

    Until we address these issues, we will see no change. Thankfully they are all man made so they are easily corrected, we only have to change direction.

    • Come on Neil, Wash Co GOP didn’t even know how many delegates they had to vote for m, what a bunch of losers

    • I said for a long time, until the fraud and corruption is addressed, nothing will change. Of course, both sides of the ailse are up to their necks in it for decades, so they will continue to cover for each other in hopes they never face the consequences. They earn the honor of destroying a once decent State by the bequest of their Master. They can’t turn back and neither can those who know and see the Truth. They have no choice but to play out the hand they chose. Avoiding charges of treason, sedition, and RICO hang over their heads, death or imprisonment, seizure of thier illgotten gains is the only thing keeping this cartel in control currently. Days of Haman indeed.

  4. The terrible effects of leftist rule are apparent in Vermont, with shootings seemingly every day and homelessness and drug issues ravaging Burlington. If the Republicans can’t make any headway on that, they deserve to lose.

  5. I have met tynio she is a very conservative, informed and likeable, she would make a great chair person.