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Dame: VTGOP chairman calls for consistency from SOS & AG on ballot access

Today, Vermont Republican Party Chairman Paul Dame issued the following statement:

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  1. “Restrictive voting laws passed in the wake of the 2020 election were more prevalent in Republican-controlled states with racially diverse populations, according to a new analysis by the Brennan Center for Justice.
    Brennan Center Study: Restrictive voting laws more prevalent in Republican-controlled states with diverse populations
    At the legislative level, the Brennan Center analysis found “repres­ent­at­ives from the whitest districts in the most racially diverse states” were most likely to sponsor restrictive voting bills.”
    A simple internet search easily demonstrates that the GOP has systematically passed restrictive voting laws nationwide. And, of course, gerrymandered districts to their advantage, illegally, according to the courts. But as usual, they accuse others of what they are guilty of.

    • Dear Retired Nurse,

      You are confusing “legitimate voting” with “restrictive voting.”

      Is it “restrictive voting” to have a system in place for honest, fair and non-corrupt elections using Voter ID’s, Ballot Chain of Custody and Vote Counting that can be trusted?

      Is it “restrictive voting” to have a system in place allowing only US Citizens that are 18 years and older to vote in keeping with the United States Constitution?

      Is it “restrictive voting” to have a system in place that requires the number of Voted Ballots in an Election, not to be more than the number of registered voters?

      It seems you have joined the ranks of those on the “Redefinition Left.” If you don’t agree with a word or term, redefine it and use the new definition to create as much confusion as possible. After all, lying, fear mongering and confusion WINS and WINNING is ALL THAT MATTERS!

      Saul Alinsky would be very proud!

    • You mean like those restrictive voter laws they passed in Georgia that resulted in more people voting in Georgia in the 2022 election.

  2. The true things are the things you cannot say.

    You Paul Dame are a liar and thief.

    I personally contacted many within the party about Molly Gray and her eligibility.
    Nobody wanted to do anything. Nobody did anything.

    That is why the VTGOP sucks, VTGOP is uniparty to the core.

  3. I just had one other thought. If a court declared she was ineligible, the next question to ask is: who would replace her? I believe a court would have to order that she be replaced by someone in her own party. Phil Scott would have to do the appointing. Welcome to Tim Ashe as Lt. Gov.

    Personally, that leaves me with very mixed reactions to this issue. On the one hand, I’m rather rabid in my protecting the constitutional principles that I’m sworn to uphold. On the other, from a Republican strategy standpoint, I believe a newbie in the position (along with a new pro tempore and new majority leader) will better enable the Republican caucus to slow down stupid stuff while all three go through the learning curve. Just something else to think about.

    Joe Benning
    State Senator & Minority Leader
    Caledonia District
    From: Neil Johnson
    Sent: Friday, November 6, 2020 6:43 PM
    To: Joe Benning
    Cc: ‘Skip’
    Subject: RE: eligibility for Lt. Governor

    Hi Senator Benning,

    It is very refreshing that you would answer this email and enlighten us further in the process. Your candor is very much appreciated.

    Most sincerely, Neil Johnson

    From: Joe Benning
    Sent: Friday, November 6, 2020 6:29 PM
    To: Neil Johnson
    Cc: ‘Skip’
    Subject: Re: eligibility for Lt. Governor


    Although I certainly had initial reaction, I must confess I’ve never done the legal research necessary to answer your question. On the surface it seems to me that any legal challenge to Gray’s occupying the seat would have to come from someone with “standing” to make the argument. I had that conversation with Senators Tim Ashe and Deb Ingram during the primary. I also had that conversation with Scott Milne during the general. It seemed to me that each of them, in their respective positions during each election, had standing to seek a court’s declaratory action. None of them decided to follow through, and each had their various reasons.

    At this point the only remaining entity with any standing (at least that comes from a position of strength) is the VTGOP. I’m not sure of the party’s willingness to pursue it, and for that answer you’d have to speak with Deb Billado. My suspicion is that Ashe, Ingram and Milne decided to forgo pursuit of this issue because they had thoroughly vetted the question and decided it was not worth pursuing. I would have a hard time believing each of them did NOT do whatever homework was necessary to put the pieces together of where she factually resided and what the definition of that would be in court precedent.

    On the other hand, I was not party to those decisions. Whether any particular citizen of Vermont could convince a court that they had standing to bring a declaratory judgment I could not say. I’m only pointing out that the three candidates who opposed her, and likely the party that opposed her, would have the strongest position in that regard.

    Since I have to work with her in the event such a suit were lost, I’m not willing to try that myself. If you are interested in pursuing this further, I’d suggest a conversation with the party’s former lawyer, Brady Toensig. Hope that answers your question.

    Joe Benning
    State Senator & Minority Leader
    Caledonia District
    From: Neil Johnson
    Sent: Friday, November 6, 2020 12:34 PM
    To: Joe Benning
    Cc: ‘Skip’ ; Neil Johnson
    Subject: eligibility for Lt. Governor

    Hi Senator Benning,

    We are discussing the eligibility for Lt. Governor in Vermont. In a previous article of Vermont digger they posted your concerns after the original article ran.

    In looking at the constitution, in both for Senate/House and Gov./Lt Gov it talks about reside. It seems to me that is a qualification of citizen ship, that they expect the people holding office to at least have lived for example one year in the district in which they represent. They are talking about citizenship, but physically living. When you compare the two, it brings out the consistency of what they meant with regard to reside.

    While perhaps being extremely unpopular of bringing up this topic, and all the while having been “vetted” by Vermont Digger and the AG, whom is Molly’s boss. It seems to be a rather simple and important bar from which the basis of governance and who can govern within our state.

    Perhaps you could shed some legal opinion? Or thoughts? Reside doesn’t seem to equate to citizen ship, otherwise foreign nationals, illegal aliens, citizens of another country/state would be considered citizens by just residing in Vermont. The argument you have to give up citizen ship to be in another doesn’t hold weight either as there are dual citizen ships.

    We both know this discussion will not be brought up within our state for open discussion, we are too censored.


    Neil Johnson
    Johnson Real Estate Group, Ltd.
    6971 Main Street, Suite 1, Box 10
    Waitsfield, VT 05673

  4. Thank you Neil! It took everyone of us to care enough to work hard. We can do it again in 2022.

    If they didn’t kill the pants down on Molly by now then they failed. I assumed Scott Milne would have done it if possible.

    See you soon.


    On Fri, Nov 6, 2020 at 6:40 PM Neil Johnson wrote:
    Hi Deb,

    I have to hand it to you, you did a great job. In the most left leaning state outside of Washington D.C it self, you guys got more people in….plus a key person out. 😊 Well let us hope the 18 vote lead holds.

    It is my belief from reading the constitution that Molly Gray clearly did not meet the very, very basic qualification to hold office.

    Of course it’s a hot potato that nobody wants to hold, that doesn’t make it untrue.

    The folks over in New Hampshire still have a free press….

    It will perhaps becoming out in True North Reports.

    The statements from Joe Benning only further my belief that it is NOT thoroughly vetted…..nobody went for a declaratory ruling?????

    Deb, wonderful turn of direction for the VT GOP……

    She had to be a citizen AND live in the state, it’s pretty simple, she didn’t do it.


    Neil Johnson
    Johnson Real Estate Group, Ltd.
    6971 Main Street, Suite 1, Box 10
    Waitsfield, VT 05673

    • Neil,

      Do you really expect the Vermont GOP to rightly define “reside?” That would open up a huge can of worms they don’t have the courage or conviction to address. You know, much like other foundational moral issues in Vermont like: abortion, what is a man/woman, what is a Republican, the present election system, etc.

      After all, honestly examining the word “reside” as a qualification, would bring into question all the non-resident college students we have allowed to vote in Vermont for many years.

  5. No I dont , but people are under the allusion of what is spoken or reported in the news. See this is a press release, they do them all the time, there is no reporting, asking questions, calling out the sophisticated talking. Which everyonre just eats up as the gospel.perhaps somebody new will wake up, tis the only reason to comment. We’ve got a lot of waking up to do in Vermont.

  6. As a native Vermonter, I am glad to see these wolves expose themselves for what they truly are – fake, phony, pandering, useful idiots. I wonder if the price of admission to the “big club” is worth the selling of their souls? They shall soon find out. Woe onto them and to every liar, deceiver, and patsy who sold out the State of Vermont for a buck – which is worth about 35 cents currently.