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VT Watercooler: antiviral update / Shumlin sought to protect EB-5 investors / Religious school tuition bill uncertain / Easter Sunday church services return to pre-pandemic numbers

VT DiggerOnly one site offers test-to-treat in Vermont, but antivirals are still available. Here’s how to get them
VT DiggerShumlin argued over escrow accounts to protect investors, former DFR commissioner says
VT DiggerEffort to put guardrails on public money in religious schools faces uncertain future
VT DiggerVermont Conversation: The roots and way out of Vermont’s housing crisis
WCAXWaples sworn in to Vermont Supreme Court
WCAXMissing Enosburgh woman located Sunday
WCAXBennington Battle Monument lights up for Ukraine
WCAXWhy Alzheimer’s disease is driving some Vermonters into debt
WCAXEaster Sunday masses see pre-pandemic numbers
WCAXVermont program helps farmers with generational transitions
Campaign for VTLegislative Update – April 17, 2022

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  1. The Kingdom Con morphs into the Kingdom coverup. I recall a plane ride overseas – who was on that plane? Is the plan to throw Shumlin under the bus, while the others slink out the side door? The scam to sell Vermont for a green card was a federal program. Our federal contingency got our State contingency in on the scam, add a few millionaire investors, and copious amounts of foreign money. Now, the crooked judges can slap a few wrists then pick up a briefcase of cash for their assistance in making it all go away.

  2. The citizens of Vermont must be given a comprehensive and truthful accounting of this mess – why, what, when, how, etc. Certainly Shumlin and his people, but also our congressional reps Sanders, Leahu and Welch. Also the role and activities of any other public entities – business3es, non profits if any, lobbying firms, etc. – that were involved, for example the KSE communications firm of Montpelier, What ethical standards and/or laws come into play, and if not deemed breached, then what is the explanation for this finding? Who or what entities received any benefit….financial, including but not limited to campaign contributions, but also political or personal – from or in association with, any of the individuals or entities involved? To this point, the above have received pretty much a “free pass” when it is clear that there has been a lot of very, very shady and questionable activity that wreaks with the stench of true hardcore corruption, with many people both Vermonters and others hurt badly. Once sentencing is done, let us citizens DEMAND this.

    • Pervmont is a cesspool of corruption – this particular scam is only one example of many that remain hidden and covered up. Follow the money – taxpayer money….

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