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  1. They did a LOT of economic damage to businesses on both sides of the border. The Ford plant was shut down for some time because the depend on parts that traverse the border. Coots Alberta was cut off from commerce entirely for a few days.

    The mandates and lockdowns are annoying but some of the convoy actions rained down suffering on people who had nothing to do with enacting them.

    • For their own convenience, I would have preferred that the truckers did their protesting by just staying home for a couple of weeks. When the toilet paper runs out, we will ALL be suffering…even those of us who did not vote for this disastrous democrat administration.
      The truckers and front line medical professionals were all heroes a year ago, and now they are being treated as pariahs. WTF? Freedom-minded individuals should stand behind them 110%.

    • Suffering an inconvenience to the public is much different than murder, mayhem, conflagration, destruction and destroying peoples’ livelihood. That is what we tolerated in many liberal, progressive cities.

    • Interesting that the Truckers are accused, not trudeau and the Canadian Governments- Federal and Provincial. trudeau would not listen, meet or talk to these folks, just sling fancy liberal phrases of racism, misogyny and hatred. The Canadian truckers have exposed trudeau as a tin-pot dictator, willing to do anything to retain power. As Trump’s presidency continues to expose the extreme corruption in the US government, these Canadians have exposed the same style- and levels of corruption and tyranny.
      It is fortunate that some may have suffered from a lack of commerce. Discomfort for complacency is fine. Those that participated in this convoy are paying a huge price now, that the “emergency powers” are confiscating bank accounts, property and even pets.
      We in the US are about to get a real civics lesson from all this. Undoubtedly emboldened by trudeau’s actions, exactly what do we expect biden, pelosi and schumer to do? It appears from news articles that DC is being fortified, fenced and battle preparations made, so these political elites don’t have to face angry Americans over the outright pillaging of our economy and civil rights for the last 2 years. The United States has a Bill of Rights, Canada does not. While these petulant politicians play lords over their citizens in Canada, the threshold here for malice will be a whole lot lower. The absolute tyranny displayed in Canada presently can not be tolerated in the US. If the US Convoy disrupts free passage to Starbucks or the gym, good. It is long past time to shed complacency about how we allow ourselves to be governed.

    • Typically, you hide behind an alias.
      The rioting and looting of 2020 did worse in a single day. ADAPT and other groups have blockaded. It is the way of demonstrations. I’ve been there.
      Antifa, the Left, shuts down anything they don’t like. Using Libelous ad hominem attacks to justify violence.

      • Anonymity is essential for free speech !

        Are you going to stand behind your words and join the American Convoy or are you going to cower behind your keyboard ?

        I hear that a Vermont convoy is in the works. If the convoy is lawful and does not hurt businesses i am all for it !

  2. Maybe no arson or violence but let’s not forget what an existential threat that all that scary sentiment about “my body, my choice!” can drum up…

  3. Vermont patriots need to grow some balls and support out Canadian trucker friends as well as we need to do the same thing here

  4. When I asked Phil Scott if he knew that BLM was a subsidiary of “1,000 Currents” run by one ex-terrorist Susan Rosenburg & dedicated w/a Communist “Manifesto” (i.e.: “What We Believe” on website) he said he didn’t know..W/all his “staff” & wunderkinders not ONE could check their website? So I guess NOW we SEE that riots/arson/looting are “peaceful protests” and “peaceful protests are “riots”? That NEED an “Emergency Declaration”? OK then! Just think opposite land, black is white & white black, if they SAY SO..

  5. The Freedom Truckers did their thing, were visible, fought for freedom and exposed the tyranny of Justin Trudeau.
    (Scratch a Progressive and expose a Nazi) What are they going to do when the Truckers decide to just not drive their trucks. Will they be forced to drive with a gun pointed to their heads?

  6. What are the odds that the inflammatory rhetoric spoken by Justin Castro, his cabinet, and Liberal Parliment members is exactly the same as Progressive/Dems in Vermont, the USA, Austrailia, France and Britian? What are the odds that leftist bureaucrats and elected officials across the Western Nations use the exact same words? What are the odds these people attack those who decline being innoculated with an experimental drug, don’t agree with climate change initiatves, don’t agree with CRT, etc. are all called white supremists, racist, science deniers, etc? They are reading from the same script and they are all in lockstep with WEF, the IMF, and the WHO. Globilist agenda in our faces and the USA is the last stand. Get prepared and ready now! We are in the fight for our lives and very existance.

  7. The cartoon even reflects the comments here.
    And still, no one gets it, just keeps perpetuating it.
    Life in Vermont: go along to get along cuz we a free state!!!!
    IF you are the right color, the right gender, the right political party, own the right car, live in the right building or location, and make a certain amount of money, and are a company yes wo/man.
    We live in a Free State and don’t you tell me different.

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