VT troops sent to DC to restrict Freedom Convoy

Border Patrol agents from Vermont working the Mexican border

About 100 Vermont Army National Guard Soldiers will support security operations in Washington DC aimed at restricting the predicted Freedom Convoy beginning later this week.

An organization called claims yesterday was “the official departure date” from the west coast of California. Its website says $464,000 has been raised to support the convoy.

Vermont Soldiers from Headquarters Company, 572nd Brigade Engineer Battalion, 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Mountain) will lead Vermont’s contribution to the Physical Security Task Force.

Tentative route of Freedom Convoy truckers (source:

“Our Vermont National Guard Service members continue to step up and serve when called upon,” said Vermont Governor Phil Scott. “Their sense of service is admirable, and I know they will represent Vermont well, just as they did last year when they helped ensure the peaceful transfer of power during the Presidential Inauguration.”

The Guard worked with Governor Phil Scott to ensure Vermont could assist in this mission without impacting its support of the state’s COVID-19 response, or other state needs.

“I received nothing but praise for the support to the Capitol our Soldiers from the 172nd Cavalry provided last January,” said Maj. Gen. Greg Knight, Vermont adjutant general. “Their conduct increased our reputation for competence and professionalism, and I believe that is why Vermont received the call again.”

The element from Vermont joins nearly 600 National Guard service members deployed to conduct traffic control operations including the observance, monitoring, and restricting of any truck traffic at designated posts.

Del Rio, Texas Border Patrol processing illegal immigrants (Border Patrol photo)

Border Patrol agents from Vermont sent to southern border – The Swanton Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol has been deploying its own agents to assist the busiest areas in Texas & Arizona, including the US Border Patrol Del Rio Sector, since March 2021, a Feb. 2 Border Patrol Facebook post said. 

The Swanton Sector covers all of the Vermont/Canadian border, plus New Hampshire and parts of New York. 

“We know firsthand the challenges our fellow agents face there every day. It is equally as challenging for our agents to be away from their families,” a Border Patrol spokesperson said. 

The Swanton Sector Facebook page showed a February 1 photo of the processing center of Del Rio Sector. The caption claimed Del Rio Border Patrol agents had recently apprehended 15 subjects from Pakistan, Syria, Peoples’ Republic of China, Eritrea, Sudan, Tajikistan, & Uzbekistan. Between Oct 1 & Dec 31, Del Rio agents encountered subjects from 84 different countries. 

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  1. Please don’t Gestapo our VT National Guard, democRATS.
    Pitting the police against the people. Again in D.C. How sad……….and referring to it as “traffic control”.
    Kind of like Putin’s “peace keeping mission” last night in the Ukraine.

  2. Will the Guard be expected to sleep on concrete floors in parking garages again ? Nothing says you’re appreciated like that .

  3. The Peoples Convoy is about freedom, freedom to choose whether to accept tyranny or democracy. I think the Vermont Guard should take a second look and remember the Green Mountain Boys who FOUGHT for FREEDOM in America, and not for the suppression of it.
    Shame on them.

  4. I know these servicemen have no choice in the matter, but I am not proud of them,….just saying. Never thought I would be saying that.

  5. Scott you are such a rino tool. Didn’t you learn anything about being used the first time? Pelosi lap dog!!!!

  6. So, in a free country we’re sending troops to our Capitol to ward off a Freedom convoy, and protect some of the hugest thieves and crooks we have in the country. Did I get that wrong? Feel free to correct me if I did.

  7. Sooo…. Will we see these same National Guard troops when Antifa or some other Marxist mob decides to protest and shut down Washington? Progressives are counting on the general citizenry to move along here. Nothing to see… The hypocrisy is blatant.

  8. How stupid and disconnect can we get/ We are a half a step away from a serious war in Europe and we are sending TROUPS to Washington to stop truckers! Shelves are empty because warehouses are EMPTY THAT SUPPLY THE RETAIL STORES!!! We need trucks to move the product from the PRODUCER to the warehouses that consolidate the orders. I ran a logistics operation and moving products involves multiple entities, the most important is COMPETENT RESPONSBLE DRIVERS, driving large rigs in unbelievable conditions! Baricade Washington!

  9. Any truckers that can afford it should park for a while. A silent protest would likely be more effective. We all are going to have to suffer some now to avoid severe suffrage for eternity.

  10. I don’t know if anyone noticed the first time the guards were in DC, but none of the rifles they carried had magazines in them. Remember Kent State when the national guard fired live rounds into college students? Why is our national guard being used, yes used for Nancy the Beotch of DC? Will this nightmare ever end? Too bad she wasn’t around in1600s Salem. At 82, she’s almost old enough. Term Limits, Term Limits, please. It’s the only way we can get rid of the criminal, power hungry fossils down there.

  11. No military backup needed. Want those trucks to turn around? Promise America that mandates for Covid are over. From this day forward all safety measures will be at the discretion of, and for the personal benefit of the individual. Americans will instantly feel that they once again live in a great and free nation.

  12. Remember VT AR NGuardsmen and women – it is totally acceptable and lawful to refuse to obey an unlawful order. You don’t have to do this? What happens if you find out that one of your brothers or sisters are driving one of those trucks?

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