VT taking steps to become ‘destination state’ for obtaining sex, end-of-life drugs, and abortion

By Guy Page

Vermont is trending to become a destination state for all Americans seeking to legally buy sex, lethal end-of-life drugs, and abortions currently illegal in their own states. 

Legal or decriminalized prostitution will draw NY sex trade, Montpelier City Council warned. After several out-of-state working prostitutes encouraged the Montpelier City Council to repeal its anti-prostitution ordinance, a New-York based worker with victims of sex trafficking urged caution: any state neighboring New York considering decriminalizing or legalizing prostitution should understand it will be drawing sex consumers, providers, and traffickers, a New York-based worker with victims of sex trafficking told council at its August 24 public hearing. 

“Sex buyers will flock from neighboring states, and sex trafficking will increase to meet the demand,” Mitha Choudhury, Program Coordinator at Sanctuary for Families in Jamaica, a suburb of New York City, said. 

Nevertheless, the City Council voted unanimously to repeal the ordinance. Repeals do not require city voter or legislative approval, so the ordinance has been stricken from the books. The 2023 Vermont Legislature is expected to consider legalizing or decriminalizing prostitution statewide.

Lawsuit demands out-of-staters’ access to physician-prescribed lethal drugs. The 2013 law legalizing what opponents called physician-assisted suicide, and what supporters call compassion in dying required that lethal drug prescription recipients be Vermont residents. But in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court August 25 against the State of Vermont, longtime advocate and Dr. Diana Barnard of Middlebury argues that the law’s residency requirement violates the U.S. Constitution. The law prevents out-of-state patients of Vermont physicians from receiving the care they want and need, and prevents Vermont physicians from providing the care they deem best for all of their patients, the lawsuit asserts. 

Abortion. Last month, Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vermont) promised to do “all I can” to help Planned Parenthood in Vermont perform abortions for residents of states where the June Dobbs Supreme Court decision has made legal abortion more difficult or impossible. “The folks at Planned Parenthood, as well as local physicians, nurses, and advocates are already seeing an influx of patients seeking care in Vermont, after failing to receive it in their home states,” Welch said. “I learned so much from this dedicated and empathetic group, and I admire their commitment to welcoming those from outside our state in need of care while maintaining high-quality care for Vermonters. I remain committed to doing all I can to support our physicians, nurses, and patients as they fight for reproductive rights in Vermont and across the United States.”

With Welch and Planned Parenthood – the abortion provider whose former lobbyist, Rep. Jill Krowinski (D-Burlington) is Vermont Speaker of the House – united in commitment to provide abortions to out-of-staters, it’s likely the Legislature next year will be asked to support interstate abortions. 

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  1. I can t wait to see Huggy Bear and his girls on Church Street, selling their wares. What next? I do want to be Progressive. Sex with animals? Plenty of criminally connected activity in this Business. I m sure all the Female ‘Employees will have Happy and Fulfilling Lives? 👎

  2. Somebody has to break the news to Maine that Vermont license plates will have “Vacationland” pushing the Green Mountain State off by popular demand. Or we could make it a vanity plate.

    Going to be some nice revenue streams into the treasury balancing the budget for years to come. It will be interesting to see how we are going to tax all all these things to feed the new world order monster to spend.

  3. Guy – Since the VT GOP obviously won’t send out press releases re: pertinent news within Vermont to news organizations & media outlets – might you via this online publication?

    I realize that anyone or any agency can avail themselves of this site, however, as you well know – the “mainstream” media & competing news sources often overlook this site for obvious reasons: i.e.: it doesn’t fit the left’s narrative – hence most news agencies might not be aware of this site and its content.

    It would be imperative for organizations such as Fox, Newsmax, etc. to learn of this, report on it, & keep the story in the media as this will inevitably impact the entire Northeast & any/all organizations who tirelessly work to attempt to end the dehumanizing & dangerous trade of sex trafficking.

  4. As I indicated months ago, change the border signs upon entering our State – Welcome to Pervmont! As the intention appears to be to turn the State into Sodom and Gomorrah, it did not end well for either place. Prepare accordingly and pray without ceasing.

  5. So…I suspect that we are just going to have to face it. We’re at a turning point.
    Vermont has a choice between a woman’s bodily integrity and the death of her pre-natal child. We apparently have sufficient consensus to formulate policies and laws in favor of bodily integrity; we have a constitutional amendment pending this November. Our culture is trending toward forfeiting the babies lives. In our history, a similar conflict arose…protecting personal property and the inclusion of slaves as property. In Vermont we are proud that we opted to limit personal property…people shouldn’t be property. Perhaps this time around we could similarly choose to limit bodily integrity so that babies live.

  6. And, legalizing prostitution is one of the cryptic consequences of passing a “reproductive autonomy” amendment to the Vermont Constitution/ I.e, Prop 5 / Article 22.

  7. So a person will come to Vermont, get a job as a hooker with an assist from Montpelier Mayor Moonbeam, accidentally get pregnant, abort the baby with help from Senator Lovebun, get a job marketing crypto with help from Congressperson Ballyhoo (this is finally “our” time!!). And, even perhaps a side gig selling bongs from a booth out in front of Zutano.

    • And Mayor Moonbeam of Montpeculier is running for state senator in Washington County. She will win because Washington County is the site of all things crazy happening to Vermont. Montpeculier is a lost city, a den of iniquity and the scourge of Vermont. A city of by and for woke progressives and a foreign body of out of state invaders posing as lawmakers. This is what the voters have done to this state. It’s circling the drain, waiting for the final flush. Putting Mayor Moonbeam in the Vermont Senate will help it along. In the meantime, people with brains, who are outnumbered by the idiot apocalypse will move out of Vermont and more crazies will move in. Depressing!

  8. Let’s begin with the most alarming aspect of governance without the people’s input. A handful of people making policy without the people’s Constitutional rights being plundered. A handful of people making decisions for monetary increase, perhaps even personal vices, who knows. If laws are being changed or nullified the people should have a right to vote on such laws.

    We don’t have enough crime in this state now without bringing sex trafficking ring leaders and their structure, so a handful of people think. How many of these workers are being used against their wills? We don’t have enough of a drug issue now? Walking “the beat” in Montpelier we were already monitoring under stairwells and porches because of a homeless population largely created by state policies, and lack of empathy.

    Surely we can do better. Rather than building new infrastructure in Springfield with federal funding ( which the governor was beaming proudly about in a weekly several months ago) or repaving highways, with the federal funding, perhaps use these funds for fortification of the less fortunate of us for change, rather than the political back scratching.

    The state should be working for all the people, after all we pay the state to even exist. However with it’s existence comes a responsibility to serve people, not based on economics, whether they follow state dictates that may or may not be in the people’s best interests or welfare. The state shouldn’t have the right or obligation to “kidnap” children, and break up families because these families don’t adhere to policy concerning education. After all what really does one learn in school that is useful in real life without government intervention. The state has become the thugs it proclaims to protect us from. The Governor’s office has a bias towards the demographic area that this incident took place in as recorded in one of his weeklys during the “Covid crisis”.

    In the end politicians, governance should work for the people, to help it thrive, not be in their ways. Stop the insanity people, try and be more human.

  9. The politicians who caved in to the progressive liberal loony-tunes who thought legalizing prostitution would be a really ‘woke’ idea, need to be voted out of office as soon as possible. (Since we can’t really say ‘Run out of the state on a rail..,’ that will have to do.) The scary thought is that those of us with wonderful, smart, attractive daughters and grand daughters, will now have the added worry that some degenerate scumbag, either home grown, or more likely from out of state, is going to approach these young ladies, maybe as the ladies just come out of a store, expecting that asking for favors for cash is a permissible action in Vermont. And given that concealed carry is in fact LEGAL in Vermont, it will eventually happen that one of these scum bags is going to wind up with a slug in his butt, because being Vermont ladies most of them have been taught how to shoot.
    Legalized prostitution should come with a warning that it might be hazardous to the scum bags health. Just speculating…

  10. Get off your religous horses and wake up to the fact it’s already present in BTV. It’s only going to get worse now that amtrak is running all the way from one to the other now folks. We’ve done out best to avoid NY’ing our state (even though our puritan roots have begged for if for years!) So now we’re getting what we asked for, a slam dunk, 149mph head on into a tree crash course in what it’s like to live with urbanites! PUSH BACK, PUSH BACK, PUSH BACK – part of our heritage is having those out there whom have experienced these things and then become part of the contigent that leads us, and keeps us in the “moderate” version of things 0 current course is NOT THAT. NEW PEOPLE – STOP CRAVING THE THINGS YOU LEFT OR YOU TURN YOUR NEW GIGS INTO WHAT YOU LEFT. VTER’S START BEING VOCAL BUT NOT PURITAN, MINDFULNESS PLEASE, EVERYONE!

  11. Welch is moon Bat period folks!!
    True enemy of our Republic is the Radical
    Leftist and its progressive Agenda period folks!! Wake up Vermonters wake up!!

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