VT still ‘parental consent’ state for Covid-19 vax

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by Guy Page

Nine states and two cities do not require parental consent for Covid-19 vaccination, but Vermont does – for now.

“We do require authorization from parents for vaccination,” Gov. Phil Scott said at today’s press conference. “I’m not sure if we’re going to change that. I don’t see it changing.”

When school reconvenes in the fall, “we don’t currently have plans to require vaccination,” Education Secretary Dan French said at today’s press conference. “We did talk about that for a bit.” Vermont’s vaccination numbers are high enough now that, by September, no further mitigation should be needed, he said.

Specifically, the Agency of Education is recommending five-day-a-week in-school teaching without social distancing. No decision has been made on masking. Remote learning will occur on a per-student basis, French said.

Levine was more cautious than French. “We do fully expect the percent positivity rates to be so low that it won’t be common that students acquire the virus in the community bring it to school. We’re watching the data though.”

When asked if the door has been left open to requiring student vaccination, Levine said: “You didn’t hear the word ‘require’ at this point in time.”

The Pfizer vaccine was recently authorized for emergency use among children ages 12-15, and many states – including Vermont – are encouraging universal vaccination in this age group.

According to a news report sourced from the Kaiser Family Foundation, San Francisco and Philadelphia both allow teens to become vaccinated without parental consent. Other states also allow exceptions to parental consent.

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  1. But no consent necessary for surgery to murder a minor child’s offspring. Got it. Wait. What? Hold up…Oh, dimocrats again, OK.

  2. dang, lets think here. Abortion without parental notification but parental permission to receive a dose of poison something to ponder.

  3. Oh but we have been warned – not now – might be later! They are in for a grand treat starting with Crimes against Humanity. Get your finances in order, say goodbye to your loved ones and prepare!
    Oh wait – all assets confiscated with that charge – so never mind getting those finances in order.

  4. Now that 80% of Vermonters are vaccinated, the corona spike protein is being produced via mRNA instruction. Even without it being virally “active” its configuration is that of the corona virus. This means that anyone who has taken the jab will test positive for corona virus using the PCR test rendering it USELESS. Eight New York Yankee players tested positive after vaccination is no wonder. So when vaccinated people start having life threatening complications because of vascular inflammation, the government will attempt to explain the upcoming fatalities in the winter as covid variant related, which will initiate another round of boosters which could cause more harm. They will also demonize the unvaccinated for the outbreak. Very plausible, don’t you think? The PCR test can be manipulated. Run what is called 40 cycles for each lab test which can force a false positive or run 10 cycles for each lab test and create a false negative. By running the test at lower cycles the CDC can extrapolate that the vaccine is “working”. Its not the virus that’s the problem. Its the spike protein and many virologists and medical doctors have confirmed this but are being silenced. Where are the 2 hour long televised debates with experts on each side so the truth can be discerned by the public? What is happening is not science, its medical tyranny. This is what is meant by the current administration as the Great Reset. Some have forgotten the past and their vow of NEVER AGAIN.